15 Minutes by Christopher Heather (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

15 minutes

Title: 15 Minutes

Author: Christopher Heather 

Published Date: May 14th 2015

Genre: YA 


1 star1 star

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What took Oscar from nobody to somebody? From catching the bus to flying in private jets? From sleeping in a small stuffy bedroom in his family home to living in luxury hotels in New York and London? From having a-pay-as-you-go phone to having girls screaming his name wherever he goes?

Simple. His voice.

You don’t know him but you know him. Oscar is the most famous singer in the world.
In this special edition of 15 minutes, you’ll read a unique account of Oscar’s life during his recent American tour. This is as personal as it gets: you’ll discover what it’s like to travel with Oscar. You’ll understand how it feels to get dressed with him in his hotel dressing room and to fall asleep with him at night. You’ll discover what it’s like to meet the Queen of England, Simon Cowell, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, and many more. You’ll discover how amazing life is inside the world of Oscar.

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s ***

I am sorry for having to give this such a low rating, maybe this story just wasn’t my style, or maybe I was just a little too old for it but it just didn’t connect for me. Oscar is a 17 year old who has won a singing talent competition and he’s on a tour around the world with his friends. They get into lots of antics but there really wasn’t any consequences to the actions. Some of the jokes they pulled seemed actually kind of mean spirited to me. It was told as: the friends would arrive at a new destination, try to hang out with girls or try to party, get into some type of trouble and then they would just move on to the next destination. As an example, there was one instance where Oscar performs at a zoo and the boys are goofing off and (without giving away spoilers) may have done something terrible to one of the animals and Oscar feels guilty, but nothing gets resolved from it. Another example is that Oscar wants to do something nice for his fans and plans a meet and greet, so they rent a bus and unfortunately things don’t work out the way they want to, something happens, the fans are upset but then it just moves on to the next scenario. It was good setups but just no payoff. If some events were cut out and the scenarios were more developed I may have liked it more.

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