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sweetness of beginnings can bind two hearts together forever. The
beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota is about to see another such
beginning. A wedding of a couple whose love is as unrestrained as a
winter snowstorm. Suspicions can be conquered and truths can be proven.
Memories can be made and dreams can be broken. Forever doesn’t always
mean ‘easy’.

In an ordinary moment, a life can be altered
irrevocably. The Johnson family is set adrift in a sea of turmoil as the
unthinkable happens and their father, Travis Johnson is injured. A
pillar of their family is fighting for his life and suddenly, the
everyday, petty things don’t seem to matter anymore. Lacey Johnson is
now the guide that must pull everyone else back on track. It is her
wisdom that guides two hearts to the point of no return.

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Black Hills Forever excerpt:

it was over before it really had a chance to begin. She hoped that her
parents would understand why they were separating in less than a year of
marriage. This certainly wasn’t what she had in mind at all. The gold
and brown flowered recliner was a welcome respite. She sat down gingerly
and adjusted the little pillow for her lower back. Closing her eyes as
she sat back and rested her head on the padding, Lacey tried to calm her
pounding heart. Her stomach was tight and her lower back was aching

She heard the floor creak before she heard his voice.

“I’m sorry, Lace. I can’t leave.”

didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t want to see what a mess he was and
hope that she could somehow clean him up. It wasn’t her job. Besides
that, Travis had always been the level-headed one and she the emotional
one. The tables had somehow been turned and she could say definitely
that she disliked it vehemently.

“I am sure I can go stay with my parents or Janell.” Lacey didn’t want to get out of the chair.


“Well I admit it isn’t ideal, but that way I won’t be alone.” Lacey continued, ignoring the rise in his voice.

“You’re not alone.”

“I am, but this little one will make its debut soon. I’ll be sure to send you pictures.”

She was baiting him. Still she kept her head leaning against the chair and her eyes firmly closed.

hell you will!” Travis was all attention now and she could hear his
steps as he moved across the floor. “That child is mine.”

thickness of the energy in the room could be cut with a knife. She could
hear him panting and wondered how his head was feeling this morning.

is mine too. I’ve been too sick to move. I’ve been so dizzy that I
faint. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster and I’ve spent the last
five days feeling like I’m doing this alone. I can’t go on this way. If
you aren’t in this with me, I’m out.” Her voice rose in octaves that had
to have his head splitting. When she opened her eyes to the silence,
she found him only a couple feet away looking at her seriously.

can’t leave me.” The command she knew was coming, but hoping he could
back it up. Alone the words sounded weak and pleading.

“I can.”
Lacey shifted in the chair, feeling peculiar to say the least. “I know
what Rip meant to you and I’m sorry for what happened. The drinking and
anger has to stop or you’ll lose me too.” She stared into his blue eyes
and saw the fear clouded by the hangover.

“I know. It will. Please
don’t leave me.” He went to his knees in front of the chair. His hands
clasped together and his face contorted in contrition.



A.C. Wilson lives in Abilene, Kansas with her husband, two sons, and
their chocolate lab. She loves to be outdoors, playing with her boys and
absolutely loves to write.

The Black Hills Series came from her mother’s idea to use Hot Springs,
South Dakota as a home town for the Johnson family. Everything about the
Black Hills is enchantingly rugged and of course, there are cowboys!

              Check out her young adult contemporary romantic series.


Black Hills Angel (Book 1),

Black Hills Blessing (Book 2),

Black Hills Rebel (Book 3),

Black Hills Secrets (Book 4)

and Black
Hills Forever (Book 5 coming Summer 2015).


Four novellas will also accompany this series as Black Hills Seasons presents the
stories of the supporting characters that readers have requested.

Watch for them in late 2015 or early 2016.

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