What Dreams May Come (Sins of Lethe Book 5) by Arden Aoide (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

What Dreams May Come

Title: What Dreams May Come (Sins of Lethe Book 5)

Author: Arden Aoide

Published Date: May 24th 2015



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James Agnesson has a brewing obsession and not even the thought of death stops him from plotting what he’d like to do to his sons, their wives and his employees.

And that’s the least of his sins. He has his fingers dipped into something truly sinister, something that even murder pales.

But soon we see sparks of humanity in him, but is it too late?

We follow the passion of Jared and Shula and their hopes for Agnes Oaks, and we see Jude struggle to desire a wife when his inclinations are buried under the ash of an old lover.  We see smart, sophisticated Sophia search for the answers to her missing sister Selena.  We see resilient Raphe become part of the rising.

But, once the smoke clears, brothers become allies.

With one objective.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s Review***
What Dreams May Come is the fifth book in Arden Aoide’s Sins of Lethe series.  The series is a commentary on tyranny, oppression and hypocrisy.

Each of the previous books has focused primarily on one of the many Agnesson brothers and key characters.  In What Dreams May Come the characters come together with a common cause: rising up against the social mores of secessionist Texas in the year 2250…or at least against the tyranny of patriarch James Agnesson.

Additionally, Josiah Agnesson is introduced.  His fervent devotion to the church has allowed him to travel outside of Texas.  His plans change when he finds one particular sinner who he would like to show the light.

This series is twisted and dark. There are some disturbing scenes. There are many caring and sweet scenes (between the sons and their wives primarily). There are hopeful scenes as some start to question basis of their society and the means by which it is maintained. What I love most is Arden Aoide’s intelligent writing. She pushes the envelope of what most would find acceptable in an effort to make her readers think and question power and social mores/norms.

I am completely hooked on this series. I love many of the characters.  Brothers Jude and Jared and their wives are strong.  Sophia and Raphael as supporting characters are fabulous additions to the series.  James Agnesson is down right evil in the worst self-serving way.

I highly recommend it to readers with strong constitutions and inquisitive minds; it is not light, escapist reading but it is griping.

Reading order:

A Consummation
Devoutly (Sins of Lethe #2)
To Be Wished (Sins of Lethe #3)
Not to Be (Sins of Lethe #4)
Insolence (Sins of Lethe #4)
What Dreams May Come (Sins of Lethe #5)

NC-17 content—for mature readers only.

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