I am so in love with this cover and so in love with Jessica Verday!  I fell in love with her about 5 years ago when I walked by her book on the NEW RELEASE shelf at Borders bookstore.  Abby and Caspian became my first love.  My first book couple that I thought of often.  I felt their love affair in my bones and when the new book released I rushed to the same store and picked up my copy.  AND I DID IT AGAIN WITH THE FINAL RELEASE!  I gasped at the end and cried a little, but rejoiced for it was perfect!  So beautifully eerily hauntingly ironic!!  She spun and wove the tale of  the Sleepy Hallow legend to create such a magical story of love and friendship!
She does it again with her rendition of on of Poe’s tale in Of Monsters and Madness.  Ironically I have not written my review as of yet, but will wait until the June 12th release of the beautiful book with a new cover designed by Regina Wamba from Mae I design!!
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Book Synopsis
Summoned to her father’s Philadelphia house in 1826 after her mother’s death, seventeen year-old Annabel Lee’s whole life is about to change. Here, she can’t wear pants and practice medicine like she used to in Siam. The new city she’s supposed to call home is full of dark secrets and strange curiosities—a world she has trouble navigating. 
Until she meets her father’s assistants. 
There is Allandarkly handsome and gentle natured, he dabbles in writing stories when he’s not helping with medical advancements in her father’s laboratory, and Edgar—who bears an uncanny resemblance to Allan, but is everything Allan is not. Cruel, selfish, and determined to see his own gruesome fantasies brought to life. 
When her brilliant, but reckless, father’s scientific experiments rapidly morph into morbid obsession, a terrible truth is revealed: Edgar and Allan are two halves of the same person, and Annabel quickly finds that her own attempts to cure Allan of his “affliction” are becoming as morally questionable as her father’s.
But nothing can prepare her for the lengths she’ll have to go to when her father is kidnapped by the dangerous and mysterious Dorian Gray in his relentless pursuit for the ultimate scientific breakthrough—eternal life. To hunt for a monster, Annabel will need a monster, and she is forced to unite with Edgar to save her father—the man responsible for creating them both. 

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Author Bio

Jessica Verday is the New York Times best-selling author of The Hollow trilogy (Simon & Schuster), The Beautiful and the Damned (Simon & Schuster) and the forthcoming Of Monsters and Madness.

She wrote the first draft of THE HOLLOW by hand, using thirteen spiral-bound notebooks and fifteen black pens. The first draft of THE HAUNTED took fifteen spiral-bound notebooks and twenty black pens. THE HIDDEN took too many notebooks and too many pens to count.

Author Photo - Jessica Verday - large

A life-long book lover, and avid reader, Jessica wrote her first story when she was eleven. Titled “Bobby’s Bazillion Bananas” it was about a boy named Bobby who planted a banana in his backyard where it sprouted into a banana tree overnight. There were – you guessed it – a bazillion bananas.

If she could have superpowers, she’d want x-ray vision and the ability to make cupcakes appear out of thin air. She really likes old couches, vintage chairs, yard sale junk, antique stores, and flea markets.

NYTimes bestselling author of The Hollow Trilogy

THE HOLLOW TRILOGY – Now Available! (Simon & Schuster)
THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED – Now Available! (Simon & Schuster)



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