Run From You (Run #2) by Kandice Michelle Young (ARC Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

Run from You

Title: Run From You (Run #2)

Author: Kandice Michelle Young

Published Date: Expected June 12th 2015

Genre: Romance


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Sebastian called me his princess, but he was far from my white knight. He was my drug. One hit and I was addicted to him.

I ran from him to save my life. I kept running to regain my sanity. Kyle would help me with that. His warmth and familiarity were just what I needed to get back on track. Beautiful in his own right, Kyle was everything I once knew to be good about the world. Kyle was perfect for me, he always had been.

Except he wasn’t Sebastian, he could never be. The horrors of my past pulled me away from him. The nightmares of my present would bring us back together. Confused though I was, I knew Sebastian was the only choice. The damage done was great, our love greater. Surviving each other would take everything we had, but it was the only option.

Every mistake we had made would collapse on top of us, burying us alive in a mountain of anger and guilt. Neither of us could have prepared for what was coming. The only way out was through. The question became, would we be strong enough to make it through together or would our secrets tear us apart once more?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

It’s finally here! Book 2 in the Run Series! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to read and review this book! You need to read the first book, Run To You, before you think about reading this or you’ll be in the dark.

This book picks up where we left Dani in book 1 and flows flawlessly throughout the book, weaving together love, mystery, and intrigue. As with book 1, I felt all the emotions Dani goes through. I felt her pain, her joy, the love she has for Sebastian. I feel like she grew so much in this book as a character, especially when confronted with a past lover and the possibility of a relationship with him. The choices that she has to make are not easy and you’ll struggle right alongside her. Love her!

Sebastian…that sexy brooding alpha male. He’s still sexy, brooding and alpha, but he also learns to open up to Dani a lot in this book. I loved that. Questions that I had from book 1 are answered when it comes to his past and his relationship with Alana (that I really think needs to end because she’s just mean and spiteful). I feel like I got to know him much more in this book and I want to know more, just like Dani.

I still highly dislike Alana and her meddling. You do learn one little thing about her relationship with Sebastian that causes Dani to feel sorry for her, but I have no pity for her. She’s trying way too hard to prove she knows Sebastian better that she can’t see just how in love with Dani he is. I hope in the next book, he tells her where to go.

The story flowed beautifully. Ms. Young is incredibly talented and gives us more of a wonderful story. There is an added element of mystery in this book because someone is sending threatening notes to Dani and some other awful things happen (you’ll need tissues). I absolutely enjoyed this book; it grabbed me again and wouldn’t let go. This book is up for preorder to be delivered to your device next month, so you have time to catch up with book 1. Go now and get it!! Now…to wait for book three!

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