Matrimony Meltdown (Zoe Donovan Mystery) by Kathi Daley – Review by #NerdGirlJulie

Matrimony Meltdown

Title: Matrimony Meltdown (Zoe Donovan Mystery)

Author: Kathi Daley

Published Date: April 15th 2015

Genre: Cozy Mystery


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After a year and a half of on again off again relationship status, Zak and Zoe are finally getting married. Not only has her own mother morphed into Momzilla, but Zak’s mother shows up a month before the wedding with plans to stay until the big day. When the mom’s gang up to undo all of Zoe’s wedding plans, things become tense. When Zak has to go out of town two weeks before the wedding, things get even worse. But when the assistant to the wedding planner Mother Zimmerman hired ends up dead in the pool, things become outright hilarious. Zoe struggles to maintain her sanity while dealing with a media circus, mom’s gone crazy, and a killer on the loose?

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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***

I have not previously read any of Kathi Daley’s well-established Zoe Donovan Mystery series, however, that did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the 13th book in the series, Matrimony Meltdown.

The characters and their relationships have clearly been developed along the way in the series, and the completeness of these established characters is obvious. Zak and Zoe are an adorable couple Nerdy Zak is quite caring and loving to Zoe. I enjoyed Zoe’s interactions with the town sheriff.

The plot moves along in a nice even pace. The process by which Zoe uncovers the murder suspect is thorough and believable. This cozy mystery is an engaging, quick read; it is fully developed without being long (perhaps a long novella). Mysteries aren’t interesting or mysterious when reviewers outline the plot, so to find out more about Zoe’s monster-in-law and her three-ring circus wedding, pick up a copy of Matrimony Meltdown and enjoy a good read.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Kathi Daley’s series!

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  • Barbara Hawk

    I love all of Kathi’s series! She is a wonderful writer and a special person!

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