The Most Uncommon Cold I: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Jeffrey Littorno (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

The most uncommon

Title: The Most Uncommon Cold I: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Author:  Jeffrey Littorno

Published Date: June 20th 2013

Genre:  Horror 


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The young woman moved from side to side and raised her head. Her neck was still bent awkwardly to the left. I was struggling to make sense of what I was seeing when she spoke.
“Wha…what…hap… happened t…to me?” She stuttered and slurred, but her words could be understood. Her eyes were still glassy as she slowly turned her head to look at me.
I took me a few seconds to respond. Replying to someone who was just a moment earlier to all appearances dead has a way of taking your breath away. Eventually, I managed to say, “Well, I don’t really know, I…uh…came in and there was a man in…airport coveralls named James and…”
“I f-feel cold,” she muttered slowly as if she had not heard me. Sluggishly and with difficulty, she raised herself at the waist. She looked down at her bloody body surveying the damage. Until this point, I had not noticed that her right shoulder looked as if a bite had torn away a chunk of the flesh and her left cheek had four parallel deep scratches as if fingernails had ripped down the side of her face. I couldn’t see other wounds, but blood covered most of her light green uniform making it look black.
“You shouldn’t move!” I yelled. “Don’t move! I’ll go find a doctor!”
I was standing a few feet from her, but somehow she managed to twist around a reach my leg. I felt her hand grab hard into the skin of my calf.
“No, s-s-stay here,” she hissed as I yanked my leg free and backed away.
“You need a doctor!” I cried out as I spun around to leave.
When I reached the doorway, I looked back at her. She was still struggling to stand even as she slid her body toward me. A trail of smeared blood stayed on the white tile floor behind her. “Stay,” she hissed again, but I was already out the door.

Kevin Turner is having a very bad day. People around him are
dying… but they are not staying dead. Even in a world that seems to have gone crazy, the reporter is determined make sense of it all. Now he just has to stay alive long enough to get the facts.


***Reviewer Notes – Some people may be a little squeamish to some parts. There are people biting and ripping body parts off of other people.  May Not Be Suitable  for young readers***
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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
Something very weird is happening all around Kevin Turner. Everyone seems to have this really strange cold that’s been going around. No one is out and about around the neighborhood, no one is out on the highways, and no one is at the airport which is where Kevin is waiting for someone. He’s a reporter who is doing a story about this weird incident that happened where there was some serious scuffle that went on there. Unfortunately Kevin’s interviewee doesn’t show up so he decides to get something to eat and get coffee to wait. The waitress who helped him earlier never shows up again so he decides to go back into the backroom since it seems that no one is around. Back there he finds a man leaning over the waitress seeming to be biting and tearing off her flesh. He runs and hides and figures out where the interviewee lives and drives to his house. The man lets him in and shows him surveillance video of the scuffle and it seems that some people just started to jump people, attack them, and start ripping their flesh apart. After learning that, Kevin shuffles from place to place just trying to stay alive, he tries to see if he can help people but it seems that hardly anyone is left.
This story was interesting because most of the time zombie stories usually have the same stereotypical actions. Zombies are slow, they shuffle around, and they groan, but with this story a lot of them can talk, usually just a typical phrase over and over, but they seem to have their motor skills down too. It did have some shocking times, a couple scary moments, and a fast paced beginning, but toward the middle it did slow down and just a few things were repeated just a little too much like “I walked towards the car. I stopped next to the car. I noticed something underneath the car…” it got to be too repetitive for me. But it is a quick easy read and it’s worth checking into if you love zombie stories.


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