The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey (The Monsterjunkies #1) by Erik Daniel Shein (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey (The Monsterjunkies #1) 

Author: Erik Daniel Shein

Published Date: March 13th 2014

Genre: Paranormal Young Adult


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Another unusual creature has been delivered to the vast estate at 1313 Road to Nowhere in Foggy Point, Maine to add to the collection of odd, rare, or thought to be extinct species. This is a place where the magical is real and the bizarre is normal. Welcome to the Monsterjunkie Manor.
Ah, but all is not well in the quirky, gothic Monsterjunkie world. Outside forces are scheming to rid them from the area while the teens and their friends cope with harassment for being different. Of course, the name itself brings suspicion and rumors about what goes on at this mysterious residence. Will their private world be exposed? And how will Crow Monsterjunkie come to grips with his name, his family legacy, and the masks that people wear to hide their true selves?
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
THIS BOOK WAS SOOOOO FUN!  I completely enjoyed the characters and the story line. MonsterJunkie Manor is a place where the strange, rare and bizarre go to be safe.  Where they strive to be normal.  The kids and teens try to cope with the outside world past the safety of the vast estate and while they do SOMEONE of curse is trying to  get rid of them.  How will Cromwell Monsterjunkie help his friends, his family and his legacy?

Squealllllll!!!!  I can’t wait until my daughter reads this book.  It’s pure enjoyment.  Easy to read and fun and intriguing wrapped in a gothicly magic book cover.  Well not really magic, but it does help that it transports you into a world outside of the one you live in.

It’ not like its totally Unbelievable Crow’s (AKA Cromwell) dad is a cryptozoologist, who are people who study the existence of what people believe to be Bigfoot or Loch Ness or ya know.   Ok so there are cryptozoologist, but the creatures behind the tall stone walls guarded by gargoyles are not real.  Or are they!?  Is there really a Foggy Point Maine!!!

I enjoyed this book!!  Twist and turns and premise and all!!  I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you Erik and L.M.  I look forward to reading book 2!!!


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