Dream World by S.J. Hitchcock (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Dream World

Title: Dream World

Author: S.J. Hitchcock 

Published Date: September 18th 2013

Genre: Young Adult


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Debbie witnesses the death of her mother, and uses her dreams as a way to escape the real world. Where she feels safe and loved, in Joshua Lawson’s arms, the guy from her favourite TV show Victor, and from her favourite poster above her bed.

Karen is ignored by all her family, she really just wants to be loved by them, and takes out her anger on her former best friend, Debbie and anyone who gets in her way.

Lastly, Mark whose shipped off to the UK to live, while his parents are on tour for the next year. And Mark has always lived in the shadow of his cousin.

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***Stephenee- #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
This book is about teenagers who are wise beyond their years.  All of the characters have gone through or are going through something in their lives that makes them appear different than they are inside.  Debbie is dealing with grief and blame, Mark is dealing with lack of attention from his parents and jealousy, Karen is dealing with lack of love and feeling left out….but they must somehow come together to realize that what you see on the outside doesn’t reflect what someone is feeling on the inside.  All of them have “dreams” about what they would like their world to look like….although Debbie has the most day dreams of them all.

Debbie and Wendy are best friends and do just about everything together. Karen used to be Debbie’s best friend and no appears to hate her and Wendy. Mark is staying with his grandparents for the year and Simon just wants to have his crush see him.  The author did an amazing job with the characters, their banter and their relationships.  She was able to draw the reader into their world and feel a connection with them.

The plot was a bit slow at times, I felt like the author drug out some of the chapters and that made me lose some interest at times.  I felt like there needed to be a bit more action at times throughout the story.  The storyline was a good one and the author executed it perfectly, however, there were just a few times that I wanted things to flow a bit quicker.  The author also left the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this story. I really wish that she would have wrapped up part of the story line in this book and just had one thing to carry over.  There were a few loose ends that the reader must remember when getting into book 2.

Overall this was a good read, and I enjoyed it. It took me back to my younger years and I had fun with the characters.  I will def. be picking up book 2 as I need to tie up the loose ends that the author left in book one.  This is a good book to add to your TBR list for a warm day by the pool or on the beach.


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