HYPOTHESIS. The Hekapolis Trilogy #1 by Anna Bastow (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: HYPOTHESIS. The Hekapolis Trilogy #1 

Author: Anna Bastow 

Published Date: February  28th 2014

Genre: Young Adult/ New Adult Paranormal Romance


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“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul…’

College sophomore Gabrielle Bridge is falling for the wrong guy. She should be smarter than that, but on her defense, he was wearing the most surprising disguise.
The physics student’s greatest ambition is to win the Nobel prize one day. But with an absentee father and an alcoholic mother, she knows her chances alone, are next to zero. To achieve her goal, she tries to recruit her current crush, the brilliant Toby Harker, as a partner.
Sadly her big stupid mouth lands her pretty but dumb William Wyseman, instead. This unfortunate pairing though turns out to be enchanting -literally.
William is a wizard, magic is real.
There is a secret world hidden in plain sight, a world at war with Sekeem Soulless a sorcerer powerful enough to destroy it all. William, unable to beat Sekeem with his powers was trying to find in science a human weapon to stop him. And it turns out that Gabrielle might be what he needs: she is immune to magic.
Gabrielle makes a pact with William: Studying her immunity in order to defeat Sekeem. In return William will give her exclusive access to the secrets of his species so she can reveal it to the whole world. The Nobel will be hers with this breakthrough. But they need to work quickly before Sekeem kills her with his bare hands if magic won’t do. Gabrielle will learn the mysteries of magic. However, her most shocking discoveries will be about herself.

Filled with science, romance, nerdy humor, and family drama, The Hekapolis Trilogy transports the reader on an tumultuous passionate journey of love, pain and control. Science meets magic, in this New Adult love story for geek lovers and all audiences that are looking for a fresh love story with a smart girl protagonist.


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***Katie –  #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
Gabrielle Bridge has many goals in life. The most important are to finish school, get a masters in physics, win a Noble Prize and then eventually think about getting a boyfriend. She’s not like other people because she has different personalities that help her with issues, one named “Brie” the logical one, “Elle” who yearns for passion, and “Gabe” the referee. They all communicate and are voices that put in input when Gabrielle is either stuck with something or starts to lose her focus. Home life is rough, she lives with her alcoholic mother after her father cheated on her, left, and never sends any child support, so she has to work at a grocery store to pay for school. Gabrielle isn’t too interested in getting a boyfriend and being hurt like her mother. But that doesn’t stop her from liking her nerdy but cute classmate Toby.
She tries to recruit Toby into being partners with her for a project but during class one day she accidently makes a mean comment about one of the students, “Dumb Bill” (William), and the teacher makes her and William partner up instead. “Dumb Bill” is annoying to her and she doesn’t even understand why he’s in the class since he never seems to do any work, and would rather flirt with anything that moves. After working together a few times she realizes that “Dumb Bill” for one isn’t so dumb, and he may actually be nice. “Brie”, “Gabe”, and “Elle” remind her that he is just a flirt and he’s only acting for her like he does with everyone else. One day when they are working on their project, a group of people come in lead by a man named Seekem Soulless. He tries to attack William and Gabrielle. William fights him off but Gabrielle gets hit by some sort of magical energy knocking her out. She wakes up and after William pulls himself together after thinking she died, he tells her that the group who attacked them were wizards and he himself is one too. William and Seekem have a dark past and he will stop at nothing till William joins him. If he won’t, Seekem will stop at nothing to destroy everything and everyone William cares about. They team up and try to figure out a way to stop him and not only does Gabrielle learn that she is immune to magic but that William may actually care for her and like her. Even worse, she may actually be falling for him too. Both Gabrielle and William change so much within the story. Gabrielle never thinking that love is possible for her and William slowly realizing he’s falling in love with a human even though the repercussions of that love could end up disastrous. With the help of magic, Gabrielle also learns a lot more about her past and the people she trusts may have some of the biggest secrets that can change Gabrielle’s life forever.
It was interesting to see how Gabrielle’s “personalities” worked off each other. Trying to keep a straight head without losing focus on some guy. The story was very interesting and I haven’t really read a story like this before. There were a couple grammatical errors that I noticed but nothing bad.


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