The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)

The Other Inheritance

Title: The Other Inheritance 

Author:  Rebecca Jaycox 

Published Date: November 6th 2014

Genre: YA Fantasy


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Seventeen-year-old Reggie has been having a tougher time than usual. As if dealing with her alcoholic mother and fighting school bullies isn’t enough, this biker dude shows up in her dreams, babbling about magic and a world called the Other. Then, in biology class, her finger brushes a dead frog set out for dissection and it leaps off the table, scaring everyone, including her. Reggie’s life is changing, and she has no idea why. Or whether she should believe the man in her dreams, who claims she’s in danger and that someone is coming to take her to a safer reality. But if there’s one thing she’s learned, nowhere is safe.

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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***

Beautiful and truly magical work! Rebecca Jaycox is a truly creative and whimsical writer, the blending but yet keeping separate two worlds who so truly belong together working side by side.

I loved how different the two worlds were from each other but how they shared a lot of the same qualities. I was fascinated by everything in the Other, how people lived, how they travelled and how there lives differed from the people in the Real. Rebecca has a brilliant and creative mind that blossoms and explodes on to every page and I couldn’t wait to see what was to happen next!

Reggie and Asher were the total power couple and I was rooting for them throughout the whole book! I like that the bad guy is someone not totally seen throughout the book and they are never quite sure who to trust and who is by their side.

The ending was great and I really hope Rebecca goes further with the story as I would love to read what is in store next! don’t miss out on this wild and magical adventure!

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