Fated: Blood and Redemption (Baal’s Heart #3) by Bey Deckard (Review by Catherine – #NerdGirlCat)


Title: Fated: Blood and Redemption (Baal’s Heart #3) 

Author:  Bey Deckard

Published Date: April 11h 2015

Genre:  Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action/Adventure, Gay


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With the captain’s mind in shambles, Jon and Tom set out to find the passage home through the black mountain range, hoping to find a cure for Baltsaros’s madness. However, when the men are forced to part ways, darkness takes root in the schism created; fate, lust, and vengeance become obsessions threatening to tear apart the fragile bonds holding the three together.

Following on the heels of Sacrificed, Fated takes the pirates on a quest to find those responsible for the captain’s bloody beginnings. But can they survive what awaits them where past and present meet?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Catherine – #NerdGirlCat’s  Review***

I was excited to start this story but sad knowing it was the final one. Fated goes between past and present times, continuing the plot while closing some areas.  The main characters are pirates.  The eroticism and BDSM-lite are still present as well. Adventure and action are major themes. It has darkish elements and obviously the true and imperfect love between three men.

Fated has lots of characters besides the three leads and I loved all the characters, even the female ones.  They weren’t whiny, they were strong and bold and fit right in with all the male characters.  There is a ton of conflict and pain, but that is what makes this book so good.  They all battle the weather, inner turmoil and the pain from their pasts.  The loves scenes are hot and the way the author writes them is amazing. I loved the ending and it couldn’t have ended any other way.


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