Fearless (Black Brothers Trilogy #1) by (Review by Catherine – #NerdGirlCat)


Title: Fearless (Black Brothers Trilogy #1)

Author:  Brynley Bush

Published Date: November 17th 2014

Genre:  Erotic Romance


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Fiercely independent and newly single mom Emmaline Hart has spent the last thirteen years putting everyone’s needs before her own. Secretly afraid that her ex-husband’s assertions that she’s too uptight are right, Emma nonetheless keeps her life, and her emotions, firmly under control, fearful of getting hurt again. However, when she meets the dangerously attractive Beckett Black on a job assignment, the way his casual touch sends her pulse racing forces her to acknowledge her growing need to move beyond her fear. When Beckett offers her a job writing the memoir of his father, a renowned cancer researcher, Emma jumps at the career opportunity and the chance to get to know Beckett better.

Emma spends her days with the renowned doctor, who has spent his career studying a plant in the Amazon that has the potential to cure cancer, and her nights with Beckett, who slowly pushes past her fears and breaks down her barriers, introducing her to a passionate and forbidden love that surpasses her wildest fantasies. As the doctor’s story of secrets and cover-ups unravels, so does Emmaline’s view on everything she thought she knew about herself and the power of surrender.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Catherine – #NerdGirlCat’s  Review***
I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book.   Emmaline’s story is one that a lot of women will identify with,an useless ex and a child to raise. Emmaline has an inner strength that most people would love to have and you will definitely be cheering for her through out the book.  Beckett Black stirs something in her that leads her on a journey. Beckett is the ultimate in alpha male, he has enough confidence for any man and his words will melt your heart. This book is amazing!!! I absolutely can not wait to read the next two books in this series. I would recommend this book to all of my friends.

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