Calming the Storm (A Christian Romance Novel) by Melanie D. Snitker (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Calming the storm

Title: Calming the Storm

Author: Melanie D. Snitker 

Published Date: August 5th 2014

Genre:  Christian Romance, Romance


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A marriage of convenience isn’t exactly what Rachel Peters had in mind.

What else can she do if she wants to raise her young niece, and give her a more stable home than she and her sister grew up in? Rachel is at risk of losing custody of her last blood relative, and she needs to prove she can provide for her niece and raise her in a nurturing environment.

Professor Brandon Barlow is invested in his college students’ lives, wanting to ensure their success. When it is clear that Rachel is struggling, he takes a personal interest in trying to help her. But can he keep his heart from getting involved in the process?

Brandon reaches out to Rachel as he tries to break through the walls she has built up over the years. With love and patience, Brandon hopes to help Rachel realize that, even when she experiences storms in her life, she isn’t always alone.


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I must admit that the title of the book threw me for a minute – I wasn’t sure what it meant by “A Christian Romance”, but I am so glad that it didn’t stop me from choosing to read it!  I am a believer in God and in life after, but don’t really appreciate it when books are filled with bible verses and I was worried that this book would be like that, but it wasn’t and it wasn’t even close to that.  It is an amazing story with some pretty awesome characters that pray, look to God for guidance, they place their trust in him and they believe that everything happens for a reason.

This book was very well written, the plot flowed smoothly, the characters were relatable and fun and the author hooks the reader right from the very start of the book.  Some of the plot was a bit predictable, but other parts were no where near being predictable. The author throws the reader for a bit of a loop several times throughout the story. I enjoyed thinking that I knew what was going to happen next only for something completely opposite to happen.  I feel like the author has been writing for years and years, and yet she hasn’t.  She has just gotten started, but I think she has a long road ahead of her in the writing business.  She takes some difficult subjects and shows the reader how to make it through and to become better people while doing it.

The characters were well developed and felt like friends as you were reading. I love the way in which the author describes the settings. I could almost smell/taste the apples when she was talking about the apple orchard.  I felt like I was walking in the rain with the characters and I felt like I was a part of their journey through the story.  The author takes the reader straight into the pages of her book.  I really enjoyed this story and am already looking for the authors next book.

Make sure you add this one to your TBR list and do it soon, you don’t want to miss out on anything that she writes!  Enjoy your journey!


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