The Roar of Smoke by Candace Carrabus – Cover Reveal

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Title: The Roar of


Author: Candace Carrabus

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date:


May 18,


Cover Artist:


Amalia Chitulescu





Tressida is a smoke-

spinner, a meldborn. It’s a lethal legacy, a forbidden force. Daughter of Crone and Sage, she should have

been killed at birth.

Now she’s

seventeen, wanting only to be a member of her land’s vanished Horseguard and discovering she is more

than she ever knew, as first her eyes and then her hair turn to smoke. Just as she learns she can fulfill

her dream of working with horses, her talent awakens an ancient and deadly feud.

On one side—those

claiming the honor of destroying a meldborn. On the other—those intending to use her for their own

ends. Tressida must master her power in order to save herself and those she loves. Is she strong


Or will the roar of

smoke consume her?

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About The Author


author Candace Carrabus writes fantasy, mystery, young adult fantasy, and metaphysical fiction. Some

of her stories are for adults and star women of a certain age because, well, women of a certain age like

to have adventures, too, right?

Candace lives on a

farm in Missouri with her husband, daughter, a pack of dogs, clowder of cats, and herd of goats. Her

horse couldn’t take it and got his own place. Although riding is high on the list, her greatest pleasure is

sitting on the back deck, sipping tea, reading a good book, and watching the birds.

Not surprisingly,

her stories are often infused with the mystery and spirituality horses have brought to her life. Dogs and

cats are usually around, too. A portion of Candace’s profits are donated to animal shelters.

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