Dark Legend: The Supernatural Chronicles by R.A. Reene – Review by Katie, #KtLBLy


Title: Dark Legend: The Supernatural Chronicles

Author: R.A. Reene

Published Date: August 28th 2014



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 Alexandria Grimaldi is a 14 year old witch, who learns just before her fifteenth birthday that she actually isn’t a witch and that her entire upbringing has been a lie. She is being raised by her grandmother and two aunts in New York City, surrounded by humans. But their semi-normal, quiet life gets turned upside down in a single night; the night Alexandria finds out that she is a demon. They’re forced to flee the city and seek refuge from the supernatural community she never knew they were running from her entire life. The Capitol, who has a tyrannical reign over the supernatural community, puts up a fight before reluctantly agreeing to grant Alexandria and her family asylum. She’s even allowed to study her craft at a public academy for supernaturals. And that’s where Alexandria’s story deepens. Along with readjusting to her new life and coming to terms with who she really is, she must confront an evil that’s been hunting her down since before she was born.

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***Katie, #KtLBLy Review***
 Alexandria is a simple 14 year old witch who lives in New York, goes to school like everyone else, and is just trying to take one day at a time. The only problem is when she turns 15 she learns that she actually isn’t a witch. She is half demon on her father’s side and half fairy from her mother’s side. She lives with her grandmother and aunts because her father died by the hands of someone he was trying to protect her from when she was first born, and her mother may or may not be alive living in the Veil of the Fairies since no one has seen or heard from her for years. Demon’s come to her house one night and try to kidnap her for their leader Sama’el and Alex with her grandmother and aunts try to escape. After getting away, to protect her, they send her to a special school for the supernatural. However, she is the only demon they’ve ever had there and the staff and parents are scared and unsure what she is capable of, even though she’s not evil like most demons are supposed to be. Deciding she is not going to let what the staff and parents think of her, she stays to learn all she can. She is excited being at the new school with other supernatural kids until she learns who Sama’el is and why he’s trying so hard to get her.
There were good and bad things with this story. The good is that this story was very good. I was hooked from the very beginning and had such a great time reading this. The story was interesting, it had great characters, it kept my interest throughout the entire thing, and I really had no idea of the direction it was going in. The bad is the spelling mistakes. I’m not sure if it was just my version that I read, but there were quite a bit of spelling problems and missing words. Also in the beginning it doesn’t give you a time frame of when everything is happening. It starts with a very fast paced and action filled prologue going into the first chapter with a time jump, but you are unsure of how long it’s been. You’re not even told how old Alexandria is until quite a ways into the story, and names are said without saying who the characters roles are. There is backstory but it’s not until you’re a little ways in, so if there was a “15 years later” as a heading it would have helped and if the backstory was first then continued the story it would be easier and quicker to understand what was going on. However those were pretty minor, and I did have so much fun reading this. When I had to stop I kept thinking of the story and wanted to continue reading it as soon as possible. I gave it a 5 because of the story. Yes there are some grammar issues but my enjoyment of the story was high and I really am interested in continuing the story.

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