Scorch by K.C. Stewart – Review by Katie, #KtLBLy


Title: Scorch

Author: K.C. Stewart

Published Date: January 3, 2015



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Hailey Holloway has a serious knack with running from her problems. At the first sign of trouble she can be found lacing up her Nikes and hitting the road. Dacea has been patient with her, but a man can only handle so much. He told her before that he would not chase after her again and is he nothing, if not a man of his word. Katherine is more than happy to pick at the wound that festers between them. If she picks enough, she just might make one or both of them bleed.

War is on the horizon. Together, they need to convince the leaders of Blue and Silver to join their crusade against the Council, but can they put their differences aside and stop fighting long enough to help those in the line of fire?

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Katie, #KtLBLy Review***
Hailey and Dacea or “Dak” as Hailey refers to him as are in a very happy place. They are so in love and Hailey is seriously considering taking the ring that Dak gave her and wearing it and doing the ceremony to make their mating official. However Katherine is still in love with Dacea too and would like nothing more than to do whatever she can to make sure Hailey is no longer in the picture. She sends Dacea letters and emails all the time to tell him she is still in love, which Dak of course doesn’t let Hailey see for fear of Hailey freaking out, doing something rash, and getting hurt. He agrees to meet up with Katherine one day to finally tell her enough is enough and to stop harassing him and leave them all alone. On top of all that Dacea and Silas are rogue and are trying to get Blue and Silver leaders on their side so a huge war doesn’t break out between all the dragons. Hailey comes across the letters and emails and finds out about Dak and Katherine’s meeting, and not sure why they need to meet for one: Dak didn’t tell her about the letters or the meeting and two: what they would have to meet up for because of how their meeting from book 2 ended, she decides to follow them so see what they are going to talk about. After seeing them being civil to one another at a café Hailey freaks out and runs away to Silas’s place to stay for a while. Dak loves Hailey but can’t keep up with her constantly running away just because she’s hurt so he decides that enough is enough and breaks up with her. However even though they are broken up, they are still trying to convince Blue and Silver that they are still mates and still together and it makes for some awkward and jealous moments for them.
I loved this book and I love this series. I was genuinely shocked and saddened by the break up. I was mad at both of their stubbornness and wanted them to get back together right away. But the story was still very well written and I was completely hooked on it from beginning to end.

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