Demon Hunter by Jenny Schwartz – Review by Kelly, #NerdGirlKelly


Title: Demon Hunter

Author: Jenny Schwartz

Published Date: 12/14/2014

Genre:Paranormal Romance


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You can bleed and die banishing a demon, but Fay Olwen discovers there are worse hurts. Betrayed by the Collegium and by her father, she must build a new life away from New York. Leopard-shifter Steve Jekyll would have her build it with him. But loyalties are never simple and new love never easy. When demons are unleashed, Fay tracks the evil back to the Collegium, and now all hell will break loose because Fay fights for the innocent, and Steve will protect what is his.

For fans of kick-ass heroines and shifter heroes who are alpha-male and sinfully sexy.

Demon Hunter is a paranormal romance novella.

*** Not for young readers***
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***Kelly, #NerdGirlKelly Review***
 Everything has it’s price, even magic. Fay is a demon hunter and is being helped by a were, Steve. Fay has always served the Collegium but new circumstances show her how much she has been betrayed by the system that raised her. She is a strong heroine that is fighting demons, golems, and all the things that are trying to control them. She uncovers huge secrets regarding her family and the Collegium all while trying to deal with new love and family that has been lost. It’s a fast moving emotional story that keeps you looking in all directions for the next twist.

“The golem was scary, the implications of the amulet that had powered it were ominous, but what terrified her sat inches away driving with relaxed precision.”

“Your sensuality is disciplined, Fay, but it’s there. I want to let it out to play.”

The characters are well written. Fay is badass but learns that she needs to lean on others sometimes for help. Steve is the perfect companion for her but he has secrets also. There is an underlying story of how they met that you will get bits and pieces of, but I would love to have had more in this story. Magic and love both have a price and they may just make it into a new life. This is the first book I have ready by this author and look forward to more.

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