Watch Me Burn by Nikki Drost Reviewed by Catherine #NerdGirlCat


Title: Watch Me Burn

Author: Nikki Drost

Published Date: January 14, 2015

Genre: Romance, fantasy, occult 


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Jamie Trudeau is Westhaven’s newest shape shifting bad boy. With his trademark Mohawk, ink covered body, and arrogant smile woman seem to drop at his feet. That is, except for the one that he wants. As an Enforcer and a member of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, Jamie overcomes every obstacle that is thrown his way. With the power to manipulate fire and electricity, there isn’t an enemy alive that he cannot defeat. But what happens when his worst fear comes to pass? Will it be too much for the werewolf to handle?

Kelsey Collins is your typical rich girl who enjoys shoes, booze, and boys with tattoos. She never lets anything get in between her and what she wants and Jamie Trudeau is her newest desire. The shifter is everything that she has ever wanted in a man and she won’t stop until he is hers. But when she is faced with a life altering decision will Kelsey chose her dream man or the one thing that will drive the two of them apart for good?

With a new threat looming over Jamie and his fellow Enforcers, they must do everything they can to protect those they hold dear, even if that means working with new allies. Enemies come in all forms, and some are too close for comfort.

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Catherine #NerdGirlCat Review***
I was given a copy by the author in  exchange for an honest review.This was a great book, I really enjoyed it.  The chemistry between Jamie and Kelsey will burn you it’s so hot.  Jamie realizes that Kelsey is his mate, he struggles with this.  Can she survive be with an Horseman?  She wants him no matter what, but he has a hard time opening up.

Will he lose her or will they make it through to the happiness they are both looking for?

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