Take a Piece of My Heart by Diane Rose Duffy – Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph


Title: Take a Piece of My Heart

Author: Diane Rose Duffy

Published Date: September 29th 2014



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 Kara begins her journey as a youthful innocent woman who marries the town bad boy against her parent’s wishes. A James Dean rebel clone…”THAT GUY”. You know the type because we have all had one of those in our past. Am I right? Though her bad choices bring her face-to-face with the dark side of human nature, Kara’s heartfelt desire to find a pure and everlasting love give her the courage to take chances.

This is the story of Kara and her quest to find her voice, freedom from her past and her own identity. She is a strong spirited female with a snarky attitude and an often-colorful viewpoint on life. Kara is no Barbie doll (either in build or temperament) and thus, her tale will relate to many female readers.

‘Take a Piece of My Heart’ is Kara’s journey of love, friendships, romance, lust and loss. She learns slowly that mistrust, love and hatred of some people may require a second chance.

This book will have you laughing out loud one moment and reaching for the tissue box soon after. It is an emotional read which will grab your heart from the first page and not release it until the final page.

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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph Review***
In this book, Author Diane Rose Duffy, has taken a bad situation and turned it into a fun, inspiring, at times uplifting read.  She took a painful subject (abuse) and made it so that the reader understood the abuse, the ways in which Kara was abused and turned it into an inspiring story of “life after”.  Kara stood by her husband through thick and thin and tried her hardest to make the marriage work, but finally Kara realized that it wasn’t going to change and that she wasn’t happy and she moved on.

I love that the author portrayed Kara as a “real” person. She wasn’t super model skinny, she didn’t have the best job, she wasn’t super wealthy – she was real and she was relatable to the reader.  The reader felt as if they could be friends with Kara, meet her at the bank where she worked and that Kara had a personality.  I love the fact that she had her friend Debbie who made her jump out of her comfort zone and I enjoyed the fact that fate played a part in Kara’s life.  The chemistry between Kara and Dave in the story really showed and it made a comeback later on in the story.

The author was able to weave the story in a way that had the reader laughing, crying, cheering and at times angry.  I love how Mitch was portrayed and how Kara’s dreams did come true, even when it didn’t seem like they were going to.  The author took us on a curvy, looping, twisty road that had surprise after surprise to keep the readers on their toes! I love when a book seems like it is going to be predictable and then the author surprises them with plot twists that no one could have seen coming. This story is a fun, entertaining read but it also offers a different take on the way in which someone can be abused and re-take their lives back.  Kara is an amazing character and each character, no matter how much you want to dislike them (Danny), will leave you smiling.

Add this book to your TBR list and you won’t be sorry! It will be in your top 20 list in no time and you will think about these characters and their situations long after you finish reading the book! Enjoy!!


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