Lucas Ryan Versus: The Hive (The Lucas Ryan Versus Series) by Madison Daniel – Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph


Title: Lucas Ryan Versus: The Hive (The Lucas Ryan Versus Series)

Author: Madison Daniel

Published Date: June 24th 2013

Genre:Fantasy, YA, Sci-Fi


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 A day in the life of the world’s newest hero.

Video games. Homework. High school. Bullies. Detention. Crushes. Secrets. Other dimensions. Monsters. Super powers.

The end of the world.

Lucas Ryan is on the edge of an epic journey. One that will test his friendships, reveal a hidden secret and challenge his young heart. Prepare yourself for an adventure wrapped in music, imagination and sacrifice.

You will believe.

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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph Review***

I have officially been hooked on Madison Daniel and his books ~ This is the 5th book that I have read by him and each one continues to intrigue me, capture my attention and make me think that it was my favorite.  If asked to choose a favorite I wouldn’t be able to do it!  This book was different from his other books ~ this one was more of a YA, video game, high school feel, but I loved it just as much and I am not even close to this age group anymore…

The characters were fun, well developed and reminded me of the little things in life that used to matter so much but seem so small now.  Lucas, Taylor, Ro, & Mo are the best of friends and know each other inside and out. They are also big in the gaming world, and the book starts off with a bang!! Lucas is so close to defeating his enemy….but little does he know that a real enemy is coming that will be harder to defeat!

The plot is fast paced, smooth flowing and a lot of fun! We see relationships develop, bonds created and enemies like we have never seen before.  The world is in trouble but with Lucas, Olivia, Sophie and friends on the case what can go wrong?!? Well….enter Felicity or Evilicity as Lucas has named her and a lot can and will go wrong.  The story behind the origin of the rock (Is it a rock?!?)  was pretty surprising and the way that it jumped into Lucas’s mind will surprise you….Pick Me Up….Trust No One Except Olivia….

This book will grab your attention and hold it from start to finish and even after you are done reading you will be wondering what has happened and what will happen next….the cliffhanger that author Madison Daniel leaves us with is no joke…I am ready for the next book now!

This is a fun, quick read and one that readers of all ages can and will enjoy! Make sure that you add this one to your TBR list and do it soon ~ you don’t want to miss any of the non-stop roller coaster action!

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    This sounds really good , will have to show it to my daughter :) I usually read all her books too lol

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