Moon Crossed, Episode #1 by Bella Roccaforte Reviewed by Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlOfficial


Title:  Moon Crossed, Episode #1

Author: Bella Roccaforte

Published Date: March 21, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Episode 1 of The Crescent Hunter Series, Moon Crossed:

Claire O’Conlan is a hunter, her kind were created to protect humans from feral werewolves. She’s desperate to find a cure for the moon-touch. Until she does, the hunt won’t stop.

Despite being raised among supernatural creatures, Claire is determined to make college as normal as possible. But childhood habits die hard. She can’t seem to stay away from the wolf-borne, and worse, she’s falling in love with Cole Jackson, the big bad wolf.

Claire can’t resist the undeniable fire Cole ignites within her. They are falling headlong into a forbidden love affair. Hunter and wolf, a dangerous combination inciting war between factions, action from the council and the biggest risk of all, Claire fulfilling her duty and being the hunter that kills Cole.

Will Claire find the cure? Or will their love end in tragedy?

Cliffhanger alert! You don’t have to wait to find out what happens, the second episode is available now!

Crescent Hunter Series
Moon Crossed – Episode 1

Moon Crossed, the first book in the Crescent Hunter series will be released in six parts, with a box set at the end of the season.
The Crescent Hunter Series
Moon Crossed Episode One – Now
Moon Crossed Episode Two – Now
Moon Crossed Episode Three – March 28th
Moon Crossed Episode Four – April 4th
Moon Crossed Episode Five – April 11th
Moon Crossed Episode Six – April 18th
Moon Crossed – Box Set – April 18th

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***Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlOfficial Review***

As a long time fan of Bella Roccaforte my excitement for a serial shifter series could not be contained.  The beginning of the story unfolds while Claire is still a young girl and it’s a flashback of the day her father tells her that hunters like him and herself cannot mix with the wolf-borne.  BUT even as a young child she has so many unanswered questions.  Her questions become paramount when the outcome of that day still continue to haunt her into her later years

Flash forward to her current life as one female surrounded by a family of ummmmm… wolves…  la la la la…  Bella is the master of the “say what now” moments and then the “ummmmmm cliffhanger” moments later on.  Even thought I am not a fan of those elements in a book she can take the words and hit the ground running!!  Bella has all the right remaining elements to make a spectacular novel spoon fed to her fans in serial form!

I am very very glad that episode 2 is available; I shall be reading it NOW Please!!!  I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you Bella, but can you give me some more pleasssseeeee!!!

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