Lucas Ryan Versus: The Hive (The Lucas Ryan Versus Series) by Madison Daniel Reviewed by Cianna #NerdGirlSunshine


Title: Lucas Ryan Versus: The Hive (The Lucas Ryan Versus Series)

Author: Madison Daniel

Published Date: June 24th 2013

Genre: Young Adult


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 A day in the life of the world’s newest hero.

Video games. Homework. High school. Bullies. Detention. Crushes. Secrets. Other dimensions. Monsters. Super powers.

The end of the world.

Lucas Ryan is on the edge of an epic journey. One that will test his friendships, reveal a hidden secret and challenge his young heart. Prepare yourself for an adventure wrapped in music, imagination and sacrifice.

You will believe.

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***Cianna #NerdGirlSunshine Review***

 Outstanding read! Madison really delivered with this novel, and it has definitely made me want read other books by him. He’s got a fluid writing style and really is able to find the heart of a story and draw the reader into it. I loved it from the beginning, every page, until the end.

Lucas is a perfect hero. He’s clever, he’s funny, and he’s a geek. He’s average and normal, and he is just perfect for this story and everything that happens! I love that the action in this story continues on at a high level throughout the novel. We’ve been thrown into it quite quickly, and we’re completely engrossed.

As a YA novel, I felt Madison Daniel did a great job with his character development and story. So many times YA authors let things slip because they are writing for a younger audience, but not Daniel. He has this story running like a well oiled machine, it’s got strong characters, and a great developed adventure story with technology and an awesome soundtrack! (I mean, seriously, who takes all that time to sync up a book and a soundtrack! It rocked, literally) He wrote a story I would happy give copies to every geek friend I have. I’m 25! I related to this story just as well as a teen would. That’s a sign of great writing.

I hear there’s a sequel in the works, and I’m very excited. If you like technology, music, geeks, video game or a strong story with great characters, you need to read this book. I am mad it took me so long to get through it! It was awesome!

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