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If there was one “gift” I could magically give to every person what would it be? Kindness.

Imagine being kind to the person behind you on the highway. He imagines his need to get where he is going is greater than yours, and so your kindness stops his road rage in its tracks.

Imagine the person that is waiting in a ridiculously long line at the bank with a crying baby in her arms. You and all the others in front of you, allow the young mother to go to the front of the line. That simple act of kindness fills you day with joy.

Imagine that people everywhere, from all across the globe, performing acts of kindness day in and day out. The haters would melt away and cooperation and love would surely spread. Wars, what are they? Imagine a world like this—I can.

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“I live in the beautiful northeast with my family. Surrounded by children, grandchildren, friends, family, and many animals, I consider myself fortunate.

After years of college, raising a family, and working I thought about following my dream more seriously. With a support system in place I started writing full time. In life, when you find your passion, your life takes a wonderful turn.

I started out with my first book, The Ones THE DARKEST SERIES. I learned a lot from the experience and was excited when my second book in the series, A Lifetime to Wait THE DARKEST SERIES came out. It chronicles women as they struggle with their newfound psychic abilities and battle a possible alien takeover.

My new children’s chapter book series, which is co-authored with my young granddaughter, Alison Taylor. This Girl Scout is proud that a portion of the proceeds go to the Caitlyn Dunbar Nature Center to help support Girl Scouts. The books in this series are thrillers that artfully weave history into the storyline while instilling the concept of being respectful of the environment.

In addition, I am busy writing a new series of novellas due out soon.

To round out my busy life I love to volunteer. I find giving back grounds me.

Life is full and beautiful. I hope yours is too.”

 ~ Jackie Mae


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