Little Words … Full of Big Worlds by Nav Logan (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

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Title: Little Words … Full of Big Worlds

Author: Nav Logan

Published Date: October 25th 2014

Genre: Poetry


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Flash Fiction tells us a story in a limited number of words. Poetry and drabbles are both forms of flash fiction. They tell us a story. They convey an idea, or an image, and bring it to life. Each has its own criteria. A poem might have rhyme or rhythm, whereas a drabble has limitations in size, but they are essentially the same thing. In fact, a poem might also be a drabble. Every day, my world is filled with ideas, images, concepts, and whacky thoughts. It might be a picture I see on social media that triggers it, or a walk in the country. It might be an advert on TV, or a play on words. My poems and drabbles are these little words, and the ideas inside my head that are screaming to get out are my Big Worlds. Here is a micro-drabble (50 words) to whet your appetite: Writers Block After some discussion with my agent, we came across a solution to help me overcome my writers block. I was to try and write using a different format. I put the laptop away and sharpened some pencils, opting to go Olde-Worlde. I soon got bored. Now I’m using alphabet spaghetti.


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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***

  Nav Logan’s Little Words…Full of Big Worlds is a book of poetry and streams of consciousness. There is something for everyone in this collection. As with all books of poetry, I found pieces I liked, others I disliked, and some I didn’t get and felt too random. I particularly enjoyed Magical Objects, Queen of the Fall, Never too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Hazards of Phone Sex. Understanding Women is a piece that men will identify with; it is a quintessential pondering on what women really look for in a man.

An amusing collection of thoughts, poems and puttering, Little Words….Full of Big Worlds is likely to spark your imagination and perhaps inspire readers to pick up pen and paper.

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