Revived (The Lucidites #3) by Sarah Noffke (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)


Title: Revived (The Lucidites #3) 

Author: Sarah Noffke

Published Date: November 21st 2014

Genre:  YA Sci-Fi Fantasy


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The pieces of Roya’s life don’t fit together anymore. Nothing makes sense. Joseph could be to blame for the fall of the Lucidites’ society. Zhuang is back and more powerful than ever. Chase, a gorgeous psychopath, is demanding her love and commitment. And the Institute is swarming with lies, betrayals, and conflicts. Roya knows she needs to focus and reconnect with Joseph if she is to survive, but how can she find clarity when everything around her is unraveling? The final chapter in The Lucidites Series will take up residence in reader’s bones. All secrets will be revealed. All villains will be confronted. And the greatest obstacles will be that of the heart. Revived delivers, giving audiences what they want most from the last in a fast-paced, thrilling series.


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***#NerdGirlKelly’s Review***
Love this series! Perfect ending to an incredible series! The author has done this series right. Of course there is a love triangle but it is so much more. Roya and Joseph find out who their father is, Zhuang is back, Chase is haunting Roya, and they are both dealing with their crazy love lifes. The love triangles do not overpower the story. This is action packed with so many twists. The author keeps you wanting more, this is absolutely a page turner! Roya’s heart as been ripped up so many times she is having a hard time figuring out what is real, what she wants, and what she needs. There is a rollercoaster of highs and lows that you will experience. Breathtaking!

“A heart controlled by Chase and a mind controlled by Zhuang will have me on the America’s Most Wanted list in no time.”

“You know, sometimes even when two people love each other the universe still conspires against them, forces them apart.”“I don’t like the evil universe you speak of.”He shrugs. “Actually the universe is kind and wants what’s best for us. It just wants to push us to become a better version of ourselves. The only way we’ll do that is if we’re forced to fight for what it’s keeping from us.”

“What I want and what I have to do are incongruent. Sometimes you don’t get to be who you are.”

Everything comes with a price, but what an amazing ride! You won’t be disappointed with this series. I look forward to reading more from Sarah Noffke!


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