A Breath of Life ( Life & Death Saga Book #2) by D. Love​ (Review by Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer)

 Breath of Life

Title: A Breath of Life ( Life & Death Saga Book #2)

Author: D. Love

Published Date: February 12th 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense


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After finally finding his soul mate, everything is instantly ripped away. Now Price must embark in a dangerous journey in order to save his other half, Kate.

The arduous and unyielding obstacles that Price must face in effort to reclaim her will test his strength and determination, but can he find his way or will finding Kate be too great of a challenge for the both?

She may be death, but to him, she is a breath of life


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language Or  Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***
This is the second book in the series and CAN’T be read as a standalone.  You must read A Breath of Death prior to reading this book.  This series just keeps getting more and more intense.  It picks up right where book one leaves off with Kate being locked in a box and not knowing who is holding her captive.

Throughout this book Kate and Price continue to fight for their lives.  They continue to grow in their abilities and their relationship.  Kate works hard to improve her ability.  Bridget comes back into the story in this book.

What I loved most about this book was the surprising twists that D. Love introduced.  There were secrets revealed that you will not see coming.  There is also non stop action.  Kate is kidnapped and then is able to get away.  Dom and Agatha are still trying to kill her.  Every time they Price or Kate turn around they are defending them selves.  There is also some intense fights.  Will everyone come out alive?

Ms. Love leaves us with one heck of a cliffhanger again.  She will pull you in and invest you in the story so much you will be counting the days until the next book.


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