Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop (ARC Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

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Title: Inside the Lines

Author: Ally Bishop

Published Date: Expected March 15th 2015

Genre: Erotica


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What happens in love might destroy you…

Or remake you altogether.

I make a living offering men and women their ultimate fantasies…as submissives of the mysterious Mistress Hathaway.

I’ve never surrendered to anyone. That’s not the way it works. Or rather, not the way I operate.

But when the gorgeous Fin MacKenzie shows up in my life, he throws everything out of balance.

Now I’m not sure who I am anymore, and I’m questioning everything.

What woman can turn away from a gorgeous Scotsman, especially when he sets her body on fire and her heart ablaze?

I have to stop it…us. I can’t keep going like this. It will ruin everything I’ve worked so hard to build.

Who am I if I surrender to him? Worse yet, who am I if I don’t?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

 This first book in the Without a Trace Series is a hot, enjoyable and entertaining read. I enjoyed the story and how it flowed well throughout the book. I liked how one minute Lux is in her Domme mode with a client but that with Fin she lets her hair down, so to speak. Lux is very intriguing and complex. Watching her struggle over whether or not she needed to change for Fin was fun and something I think a lot of women can relate to. I enjoyed that as the book went along, Lux grew as a character; she became stronger in some ways and softer in others. Great character.

Fin. Oh sweet mother of Jesus. Fin. He is, in my opinion, not only hot but hysterical as well. He really gives Lux a run for her money. I could hear his Scottish brogue as I was reading and it was insanely hot. I think I need a trip to Scotland now! What I enjoyed most about Fin was that he’s open-minded enough to love Lux just as she is.

My only issue with this book was Fin’s speech. Never having been to Scotland, I don’t know if they still use what I would call ancient Highlander speech, such as ken (which means know, and ye for you and so forth). I think that had his speech been more modern, it wouldn’t have taken anything away from Fin’s character or the story.

I recommend you pick up this book and meet this fiesty Domme and her Scotsman. I’ll definitely be checking out the next book in the series when it comes out. Happy reading!


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