Kibble Talk (Kibble Talk #1) by Cynthia Port (Review by #NerdGirlChristina)


Title: Kibble Talk (Kibble Talk #1)

Author: Cynthia Port

Published Date: December 8th 2013

Genre: Humor / Childrens


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 On a dare from her best friend, nine-year-old Tawny gags down a piece of dog kibble. Suddenly she can hear and talk to dogs, including her own dog, an enormous and demanding Great Dane named Dinky. Dinky explains to Tawny that his fondest wish is to be a tiny lap dog and Tawny promises to help him become one. From helicopters to the five o’clock news, Tawny soon finds out what it means to make a promise to a friend. Along the way, her parents can’t help but question her sanity and her best friend Jenny turns into her worst enemy. If Tawny can just keep her own thoughts straight, maybe she can make things right in her family, get her best friend back, and decide for herself how she will handle having such a special gift. Kibble Talk, the first in the Kibble Talk series, is a funny and fast moving fiction story perfect for readers aged 7 to 12, or as a read-a-loud.

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***#NerdGirlChristina’s Review***
I picked up this book because I now have a soft spot for children’s books since I had my son. Going into it I was thinking about if my son would like it, but about a chapter in I was sucked into the story and couldn’t wait to see what Tawney would do next. I would love to have this book on my shelf, it may be written as a children’s book, but as an adult I really enjoyed it! This book is hilarious. I ended up awake half of the night reading and would start cracking up just to realize I should be quiet because everyone is sleeping. I can’t lie after I read this I really wanted to go take a bite out of some kibble, I mean seriously what if I could talk with animals. I loved the characters in this story Tawny is sweet, caring, and a little crazy. Dinky is hilarious (you will see why if/when you read this). This story has a lot of humor, but it also sends the message to be caring and compassionate, to pay attention to the people (and animals) around you, AND that no matter what cards you are dealt you can follow your dreams. I think this book is child appropriate or any other age appropriate for that matter and I would recommend it to anyone who could use a good read. This book is written very well and I absolutely love the illustrations at the beginning each chapter. I can’t wait to read the next book, and add them to my bookshelf!


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  • Cynthia Port

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I’m so glad you enjoyed Kibble Talk and that you liked the illustrations too – hardly anyone ever mentions those, but I had fun drawing them. They are simple, but hopefully add to the experience.

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