Indivisible Line by Lorenz Font (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Indivisible Line

Author: Lorenz Font

Published Date: March 12th 2015

Genre:  Romantic Suspense


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Pre-med student Sarah Jones is back in Beaver, Alaska, for summer vacation. A loyal member of the Gwich’in tribe, she accepts the rules set by her father, the leader of their small town. Raised in a strict household, she learned early on to do what is expected of her and has agreed to an arranged marriage. Despite her reluctance to marry without love, Sarah is unwilling to defy her father’s wishes. She hopes to help usher in an era of independence and stability for the town, but for now, her focus is finishing med school so she can become Beaver’s resident doctor.

Business owner Greg Andrews wants to escape his philandering wife and his life in general. Leaving New York City to join a hunting expedition in Alaska, Greg’s plans are turned upside down when he is shot on Gwich’in land and ends up on Sarah’s operating table. In the absence of a qualified doctor, Sarah must operate to save his life. She refuses to wait for the consent of their tribal leader, and her father banishes her from the tribal land in punishment.

Grateful for his life, Greg concocts a scheme to help. Plagued by the side effects of her unconventional operation, he convinces Sarah to become his live-in nurse. Without the means to support herself, Sarah agrees to the questionable arrangement, but she soon finds herself in even more trouble. Her new problem is that she is falling in love with this infuriating man, and the choices she now must make are much more difficult than the simple act of saving a man’s life.

Together, Sarah and Greg must both decide whether they can overcome the vast differences between them, or if the indivisible line that separates their worlds will ultimately pull them apart.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language Or  Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
of her work because this book was very enjoyable. I was introduced to two characters who grow throughout the book and learn valuable lessons in live and love. The story made me feel so many different emotions and there were a few parts where I cried for Sarah. There were a few parts for me that I didn’t understand, but I chalk that up to the fact that I know very little about the world of medicine and doctors.

I feel that the story flowed very well and all the questions that you’ll ask during the book are answered at the end. I loved that Ms. Font tied the ending together so neatly like a beautiful bow. She created more than just a story about love; she captivated me with the mystery of who shot Greg (read the description again if you missed that tidbit) as well as the realistic relationship that Greg and Sarah develop. I deeply appreciated all of the detail that Ms. Font went into about the tribe and their heritage/beliefs. It was a wonderful inside look at another culture that I had never heard about.

Please pick up a copy of her book today!


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