My Ladybird Story by Magus Tor (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: My Ladybird Story

Author: Magus Tor 

Published Date: February 16th 2015

Genre: LGBT


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 John knows he’s not like everyone else, but he also knows he always has best friend Aureus to count on. But when John realizes that the real problem is that he’s Joyce, not John, can he still depend on Aureus? As he makes his transformation, John begins to realize that there’s only one thing that he wants. And once he becomes Joyce, he thinks it’s the one thing that he can never have. Or is it?

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
John Bird has always felt a little off. While his brother and male cousins would be out playing baseball and football he’d be inside with the girls and playing with the Easy Bake oven. While all the other boys at school want to hook up with girls, John has no desire except to stay in the shadows. The only thing that helps John is a box he hides under his bed that has a few items of clothing for girls in it. A couple blouses, a skirt, and a girls t-shirt. One day John’s brother Devon sees it, and tries to understand and help. John doesn’t do anything with the clothes, he just feels them, looks at them, and admires them. Devon trying to be as supportive as he can, gives John an Ipad so he can view a few videos online to help see if he may be gay, or straight since he never seems to be interested in sex at all. After viewing only a little John is disgusted and starts to feel worse about himself. He hates his body. He can’t even look at himself in a mirror without thinking of himself as a freak. One day at school a new girl arrives, named Aureus, and they become very good friends. A few years go by and John and Aureus go to college together and John is still having issues with his “freak” body issues. He meets up with Aureus at one of her art classes and sees a painting of a naked woman that the class worked on. He’s not attracted to the woman in the picture but envies how she looks. The curve of her hips, the softness of her skin, how beautiful she is makes John jealous. One Halloween Aureus dresses up as a frat guy and wants John to dress up like a female. After putting on the clothes and makeup for the first time John actually starts to feel happy and good about himself. Later on in secret he goes out at night and puts on woman’s clothes and makeup and walks around just for a few minutes because he feels right being dressed and made up that way. After an unfortunate mishap, John has no choice but to tell Aureus and after being genuinely freaked out at first, Aureus decides that she will still be John’s best friend and help him in any way she can. After college he finally decides what he needs to do to be happy and he goes to therapy and gets as many answers as he can to why he feels that he was born in the wrong body.
This story was so good. You really get a feel for John’s struggle and understand why he’s feeling the way he does. John and his relationship with Aureus and Devon is so amazing too. They both care and love John no matter what and only want to see him happy, and you as the reader want to see John happy too. I loved the fact that his brother Devon didn’t care if he did feel better and perceived himself as a woman, he was John’s brother and he was going to love and support him any way he could. John’s courage is so strong and once he does make the changes to himself, you genuinely feel happy because he’s finally happy. I can’t recommend this story enough.


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