NERD GIRL EXCLUSIVE ~ Rue Volley’s The Devil’s Gate #3 Teaser and Excerpt


This Week’s The Devil’s Gate Teaser!!

beautiful woman in the role of a slave on a leash

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Also in new to Rue’s always busy schedule is the scheduled book trailer filming!!  On March 22nd the book trailer will be filmed by the multi-talented author herself (she wrote the screenplay as well *wags eyebrows*)  AND Bishop has created the title song for the trailer entitled At The Best of Times.  Nerd Girl will be the first place that you will be able to view the finished masterpiece!!  So stay tuned every Teaser Tuesday until release date for fun updates!!!  

The Devil's gate

Author Biography

 Rue Volley was born in February of 1970 in Lima Ohio. She has 3 sisters and one brother and is the oldest of her siblings. She spent her early years in Catholic Schools, her twenties and early thirties travelling the world in a band and modeling. When she turned 40 she penned her first novel, Blood & Light, and since that time has produced over 40 books. 8 novels and the rest novelettes and shorts. She specializes in paranormal adult fiction and horror erotica. Rue expanded into film in 2014 with her screenplay “Hellhound” based on her bestselling series. She is also the head of Creative Design and Marketing with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, and co-owns Lovebites, an Independent Film Company specializing in Dark Fantasy films.

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Right now, Rue’s musical muse for The Devil’s Gate is this son in particular.  It serves as great inspiration as she moves on to book two!!  I love Ed Sheeran and if the music speaks to me I can only imagine what it’s saying to Rue!


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