Silver & Black by Tyler May (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

 Silver and Black

Title: Silver & Black

Author: Tyler May

Published Date: February 27th 2015

Genre:  M/M romance, Mystery


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Does love have a cost?

Brian Silver is CEO of the world’s largest coffee house chain in the world, Silver Coffee. Growing up in a wealthy family, Silver had it all: money, fame, and any man he wanted, but that was never enough. Silver wants more. After a tragic health event that leaves him vulnerable in life, he realizes that business will not bring him the happiness he needs, and he’ll do anything to find that happiness.

Greyson Black is a coffee house barista in one of the Silver Coffee chains in downtown Manhattan. Greyson is finishing school and determined to find the best path for his life. When Brian Silver makes a “surprise” stop at the franchise, he’s more than intrigued by the young, gorgeous Greyson. Silver knows there’s only one thing that he must have now, and he will do whatever it takes to get him.

When Silver and Greyson get together, sparks fly. Silver is perfect in Greyson’s eyes, but is love blind? A mysterious stranger is out for Greyson, and the mind games have just begun. Greyson starts to question everything, including Silver’s advances. When Danger is lurking around every corner, no one is safe. Greyson will have to determine if love is worth the danger and excitement.

Can attraction be fatal, or will attraction be the saving grace Greyson needs? Will Silver’s secrets ruin them or will someone else have the first shot?

Love is blinding, but suspicion is the real killer.

Silver & Black is a gay mystery romance. 18+ for gay sexual content, language, and some violence.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
Greyson Black is just a simple barista in a coffee shop called “Silver Coffee.” He doesn’t think of himself as extraordinary, he’s had a few relationships with men but nothing too serious. However he has been seeing his boss, Jeff, behind closed doors for a couple years. He could never truly be serious with Jeff though because Jeff has always been with women before and doesn’t perceive himself as truly gay since he’s only been with one guy. One day the owner of “Silver Coffee”, Brian Silver, comes to visit and it’s also the day that Jeff tells Grayson that not only can they not be together anymore, but he’s engaged to a woman, and has been seeing her for about 6 months. Brian seeing how upset Grey is asks if he wants to come over to his place for dinner, and to help himself get over Jeff, he agrees. The more time they spend together the closer they become and the more their attraction grows for one another. Jeff learns that Grey is seeing Silver and is devastated because he says he realizes what a fool he’s been and that he truly does love Greyson and wants them to get back together. If Grey wasn’t dating Silver now he still wouldn’t do it because Jeff totally betrayed his trust. Things seem to go awry when Jeff comes over one day saying that someone has been using Greyson’s name to send explicit pictures and emails to him and Greyson also has noticed that he seems to have been followed a couple times by a guy in a grey hoodie and sunglasses. No one is quite sure who is behind it all but Silver says he will do everything in his power to protect Greyson. Jeff is unsure that Silver is right for Greyson because he feels that he is manipulative and trying to secretly control Greyson in a way by trying to buy his affection. Grey doesn’t believe it and thinks that Jeff is just jealous but after seeing some unclear text messages from Silver’s phone to a mysterious person, Greyson isn’t sure if he can truly trust Silver also.
I loved this story! It took about 20 pages to get truly sucked in but after that I couldn’t put it down. Greyson and Silver and so sweet, and cute with one another and you can see when their feelings really start to get stronger for one another. It is a mystery and throughout it I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew who sent the emails and what they were trying to get out of it but I was totally wrong. The last 40 pages are full of such shocking moment’s one right after the other that I was gasping and yelling out “WHAT?” and “Oh my God!” every 5 seconds. It’s truly an amazing story. I can’t wait to see where Silver and Greyson go from here.


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