The Short Life of Sparrows by Emm Cole (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)

 Short Life Of Sparrows

Title: The Short Life of Sparrows

Author: Emm Cole

Published Date: September 30th 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Beneath the light of a full moon, the Nightbloods and Seers are dancing. They are dancing as they await another Awakening, a dream that defines every witch’s destiny.

It doesn’t matter that the coven is cheering and anticipating her turn into womanhood, because Calli doesn’t want any of it. She doesn’t want to see the face of the hired hand Isaiah, nor does she desire the pursuits of a very determined Nightblood as she runs from a future with the Ordinary help. She knows that regardless of whether she taps into forbidden magic or not, an Awakening is rumored to hold ultimate power over the Seer who dreams it.

While the other Seers her age are given to their parties, their enchantments, and the lust of Nightblood suitors, Calli must choose how she’ll endure the worst of her visions. There may be a way to survive her sleep, but she’s not sure she can defeat the truth that will find her when she’s wide awake.

Does real love even stand a chance against the darkest of magic?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***

 Beautiful and truly magical work! Emm Cole is a truly creative and whimsical writer with a good splash of realism and heartfelt appreciation for the coming together of two worlds. I loved how she brought these two different people together and made them work and showed them how they weren’t so different in end.

I cried at the end it was so heartbreaking and sad. Isaiah is a good man and never asked to be treated so harshly in his life. Rowe was a definite ass! or more like a fungus that grows on your ass…lol…as he grows on you over time but he is still a pain. He had a soft side though that he only showed Calli and when he did he became a better person because of it. I really liked Daphne her shy and quirky personality was like a ray of sun in the story and Calli was pretty much as big of a pain in the butt as Rowe but was the main character and they are usually like that…lol…she had a big heart and loved her family and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to protect them.

I really liked Coles style of writing and I would defiantly read more of her work. This book was amazing and is one I would read again as the magic, the fights and the romance was beautiful to read.

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