Midnight Shift (Episode Two): One Sexy Slayer. Two Hot Werewolves. A Dangerously Carnal Romance. by Reneé George (Review By Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Midnight Shift (Episode Two): One Sexy Slayer. Two Hot Werewolves. A Dangerously Carnal Romance

Author: Reneé George

Published Date: January 31st 2015

Genre: Paranormal Erotica


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(This is a serialized novel — see Author Note at bottom of blurb)

Benie Dilian hunts supernatural bad guys. Her ability to shift like a chameleon, to hide in plain sight, as well as her enhanced senses, makes her the ultimate killing machine. The only person in her life that she remotely trusts is her genius best friend—Ian Arent.

After a dangerous supernatural tracker attacks Ian, turning the human into a shapeshifter, Benie must not only find out who is behind the attack that nearly killed her best friend, but also find a way to help Ian deal with his new reality. She enlists the help of telepathic werewolf Trace Calder, a supe who specializes in mediation with the “other worlders.”

As Benie fights her intense attraction to both men, she knows she has more to worry about than losing her heart and soul. Soon, she finds out that the attack on Ian is only the beginning of a journey fraught with danger and dark truths—and a prophecy that promises Benie a destiny she never wanted.

***Authors Note: Please be aware that Midnight Shift (Episode Two) is the second episode in a hot new Shapeshifter/ Paranormal Romance Ménage serialized novel. This is part TWO of a FIVE part serialized story. In other words, it is episodic, contains cliff hangers, and is not a stand-alone story. It is meant to be read in order of its parts. It does contain explicit M/F/M scenes and is intended for an adult audience.

Episode 1 – Available Now
Episode 2 – Available Now
Episode 3 – February 12, 2015
Episode 4 – February 26, 2015
Episode 5 – March 12, 2015 (less)


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
Que dark ominous music!!

You are in for an awesome ride in this episode of Renee George’s newest part of Midnight Shift!!  True to form Renee’s writing is electrifying, action packed and exhilarating.  The daring twist and turn this episode took is totally killing me right now!  Dant Da Daaaaaaaa!!!

In this episode Benie fights for her life, her sanity and for the love of TWO sexy men!!  Her smart hunky geeky best friend, Ian, reveals he is more than what HE thought he was.  Trace her ultra drop dead gorgeous multilingual other worlder reveals his feelings to her in a few different ways and then BOOM Mr. Grey reveals he is more than a shrink!  NOW you would think with all these “REVEALS” you would think you have all the answers.  NOPE!!

Enter Mini Cliffhanger…  Sigh…  Again regardless of the cliffhanger, get the book.  READ IT!  Enjoy it!!  Then email me and let’s talk cuz seriously I am dying here!!

My Nerd Girl hat is off, Renee.  NO TIPPING OF THE HAT THIS TIME!!  And it’s staying off until I finish reading the next 3 episodes.  Just write faster, my head is getting cold!!  5 STARS!

Disclaimers:  Since this is a serial short, I highly advise that you read the books in order so that you get the full impact of the story.


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