Fatal Desire by R. Sue Oleson (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

Fatal Desire

Title: Fatal Desire

Author: R. Sue Oleson

Published Date: February 2nd 2015

Genre: Thriller/Murder Mystery


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Stress is running high in the Rose Hill Police Department. There’s a serial killer on the loose, and the clock is ticking away toward his next kill. The pressure is on to stop him, but with next to nothing to go on, Detective Stevie Monahan is just spinning her wheels.

But how can you track down a ghost of a killer, when you’re dealing with ghosts of your own? All Stevie wants to do is catch this guy, but life keeps getting in the way–and so does her partner, Blake Bower. As Stevie watches her case unravel, she feels the need to unwind–landing her right in the clutches of handsome playboy bartender, Geoffrey Nichols.

But is Geoffrey hiding his own dark secrets? Blake seems to think so, but Stevie doesn’t want to hear it. As the tension between them builds, can they continue to work together, and try to stop the madman wreaking havoc on their once-sleepy, suburban town, or will Blake drive Stevie right into the waiting arms of a killer?


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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
I have enjoyed R. Sue Oleson’s prior two books, and each of her books is a refreshingly unique storyline—no rehashing or sense of deja vu.

Stephanie (aka Stevie) and Blake are detectives and partners, and at one time they were lovers.  Their relationship is a bit complicated, and Ms. Oleson deftly portrays the lives as cops with all the personal and professional baggage they carry.  These main characters are well developed, and I felt like I knew them well by the middle of the book.

The plot is well paced.  There are obvious hints to the impetus of the murder spree in Rose Hill, but our detectives don’t put them together until later in the book.  With the limited number of secondary characters, it is not hard to narrow down the possible suspects, however, Ms. Oleson throws in a couple of excellent twists in the end that make for a very satisfying murder mystery.


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