Tales from the Beaumont House by D.F. Holland (Review by Misty – #NerdGirlShadow)

 Tales from the beaumont house

Title: Tales from the Beaumont House

Author: D.F. Holland

Published Date: December 18th 2014

Genre: Sci Fi /Horror 


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What do a psychic, a family of four and a computer programmer have in common? Unfortunately for them, they reside in the Beaumont House apartments. What appears to be a serene, picturesque apartment complex is actually an otherworldly reality consisting of the supernatural, the strange and the unimaginable.

“In the grand tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE! The stories collected in TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE will simultaneously stimulate the mind as well as freeze the blood. D.F. Holland is an exciting new voice in fantasy fiction.”
~ Joseph F. Parda, Author of BEAVERS!


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***Misty – #NerdGirlShadow’s  Review***

Supernatural spirits longing for physical form, the most ominous family reunion you’ve ever imagined, possessed works of art and psychic abilities await you on the journey you will take through Beaumont House. Seen to outsiders as a charming and quaint address, Beaumont House is anything but. Six individual stories allow you to take a look inside various apartments as the tenants are haunted and horrified by what lies inside the walls of their seemingly normal apartment building. Then, the stories are pulled together in one exciting conclusion.
If I had to pick a favorite among these stories, I suppose it would have to be the tale of Apartment 17 D, titled Gathering of Souls. Wonderfully chilling!
I absolutely loved this book. It was episodic, like a television show, but all the tales came together in the end. It sort of reminded me of The Twilight Zone. It’s creepy wonderful and I loved every minute of it.


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