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The Devil’s Gate TEASER #2

Hands in Chains with Leather Bracelets on the Bed

The Devil’s Gate TEASER #1

Teaser #1

I sat by the window in the coffee shop and twisted my hair in between my fingers. I looked at the blank screen of my laptop in front of me. I leaned up and wanted to type so many words, but none had come, so I sighed, leaning back and taking a sip of my coffee. It was frustrating to want to write and have nothing to say. I had always been able to spin a tale, but as of late my looming graduation had me drawing blanks. It’s not like I go to school for writing, but after four years it was certainly growing on me and served to be a great stress reliever when needed.

I scanned the room and saw nothing of much interest until the door chimed.  A man walked in, handsome, groomed, and very attractive. He calmly approached the counter and spoke.  I found myself studying him and his height.  He had to be at least 6 foot 4 or maybe 3, it was hard to tell from where I sat. He was so tall, so powerful. His jaw tight and firm, he worked out, ate well, from the looks of his tailored suit and coat, he had money. His hair was dark, the low light made it look black, cut shorter on the sides and back, longer on the top. Slicked back and modern.

I bit my lip as I twisted my hair a little too tight. I felt it pull in my fingers. I hissed, attempting to untangle it as he turned and glanced at me.  I stopped fidgeting and grinned at him, not knowing why. His eyes were dark and framed with thick black lashes. Blue, a piercing blue, the kind of stare that spoke volumes without a word having to be said. My heartbeat sped up without any control.

The Devil's gate

He handed the girl his money and picked up his coffee, turned back, letting his eyes wander over to me again. I cleared my throat, adjusted in my seat and placed my hands on the keyboard as if I was indeed working on something.  I guess he thought he would be intruding if he said hello, so he left and I relaxed.

I looked up as the girl from behind the counter approached me. “More?” She asked, as she grinned and looked at my half empty cup.

“Sure,” I said, not needing it, but being cordial for no other reason than to avoid conversation.

She continued on. “Cute, huh?” I looked back up at her.


She leaned in and grinned at me. “You don’t know Jack?”

I shook my head. “No—who is he?”

“The man who was just in here.  He comes in every day, and I would love to ask him out, but he is just so—you know. He owns everything.” Her voice trailed off in a whisper like she didn’t want anyone else to hear her.

“Everything?” I asked. She sat my cup down, and I lifted it to my lips. The heat felt good as it rose up along with the delicious smell of the deep roasted coffee.

“You know what? I should just ask him out, I mean why not, right?”

I shook my head as I set my cup down next to my laptop. “No, you said he owns everything.”

She smiled and carefully looked back towards the door. “Yeah, that’s Jack Landon. You know, Landon Enterprises, Landon Library, Landon University…”

Her words trailed off as I looked out the window and saw him standing there. He turned and saw me staring. I rubbed my neck. His grin told me everything. Of course I knew who Jack Landon was, well—I knew who his family was. They did own everything, I mean, basically he does, along with his brother, Jerod. Their parents built this city, not unlike Gotham and the Wayne’s. They had more money than God, or the Goddess, whichever you prefer. I just didn’t know what he looked like. I was a little shocked—I guess. I really don’t know what I expected.

Jack was one of two heirs to the Landon fortune. He was, if I remember correctly, a year older than his brother Jerod. Their father died in a plane crash—a small two-seater that he was flying himself. I remembered seeing the articles on it. It saddened me. I lost my dad too, not that way—mine died from a car accident. But an accident just the same. It’s a terrible thing to lose anyone that you love—even worse when it is so sudden. So when I saw the headline I felt as if I could relate to it, the grief, the emptiness, and the questions about why it happened. Funny how common occurrences can make you feel closer to strangers. As if that one thing you have in common could connect you on a deeper level than it could with others.

Jack was only twenty-three when he lost his dad. I was seventeen. I guess the age doesn’t matter. The loss is exactly the same unless you are too young to process it. He had lost his dad during my first year in college here. That would make him twenty-seven now. I glanced back at him. He looked young. Twenty-seven looked fine on him. I’m only twenty-three, but I feel much older some days.

Age is a state of mind anyway. I had been drinking coffee and reading the paper since I was nine. I remember sitting at the kitchen table, across from my dad as we mimicked each other. I miss him, I always will.

She continued to talk. I blinked a couple of times as I started to hear her again. “I heard that he is into some crazy stuff.”

I narrowed my eyes as they went from him to her and back again. “Like what?” I asked. She winked at me as she mouthed the words ‘in the bedroom”. I leaned back and cleared my throat.

“Oh, well—I mean,” I blushed as she laughed. She leaned on the table and grinned at me. Her eyes lifted as she stared at him out the window. “I mean, can you imagine?”

I took a breath and closed my laptop, quickly packing it up and abandoning the coffee on the table. She watched me and crinkled her brow as I ran out the front door, clumsy as usual and dropping half of my stuff as soon as I hit the pavement. No, I don’t know what you mean. I have never had sex other than with my tiny bullet vibrator, thank you.

I paused and leaned down, gathering my things and trying my best to not drop my laptop. I saw two very nice shoes step up to me. I slowly looked up at this towering man as he stared down at me. He blocked the sun from my view. I blinked a couple of times as he leaned down and started to help me. It flustered me as I smelled him. Whatever he was wearing was completely intoxicating. It engulfed my senses like the event horizon.

I reached for my purse as he did. His fingertips grazed the top of my hand. I jerked it back as if he had injured me. He paused, his stare intense and yet not so intimidating as I first imagined.

His voice was steady and soft, “Let me help you.”

I swallowed hard as I pulled the contents of my purse back inside, quickly concealing my birth control. Not as if I need it, I use it to regulate my…well, you know. I blushed as I spotted my small silver bullet vibrator on the sidewalk. I reached for it, but before I could grab it, he had it at his fingertips and was staring at it. He smiled. His teeth are as white and straight as arrows. I snatched the bullet from him and shoved it into my bag, completely mortified.

“I have bad arches—in my feet. I use it for that.” He nodded to me, surely he was amused as the red color rose in my cheeks.  He reached out and held my elbow as I stood up. The smell of him was becoming more intense and completely consuming my senses. I closed my eyes and then opened them to see him standing close to me, staring down as his hand continued to hold onto my elbow. I bit my lip and pushed a loose strand of my hair behind my ear as he studied me, so intently. I felt as if I may be an oddity to him. His eyes were moving from mine to my lips and then to my shirt. I felt my heartbeat speed up as I stepped back and nodded to him. “Thanks.”

I looked up as the first droplets of rain started to fall. Ice cold and somwhat welcome. The rain could give me a reason to run away. I certainly needed it after he had—I can’t believe I had my bullet with me. I could die. Surely someone like him would know what it was.

The chill of Fall was slowly taking over the city. I reached up and lifted the hood of my jacket, my red coat making me look more like little red riding hood against the bland gray concrete jungle. He extended his hand to me as I looked towards it and felt as if I should comply. His grip was firm yet reassuring. He shook my hand slowly as his other hand joined in and completely enveloped my own.

“Just call me the big bad wolf,” he said, jokingly.

I tilted my head. “Wolf, huh? Should I be afraid? I mean, doesn’t the wolf want to eat her?”

I was kind of shocked that I even encouraged him, but for some reason he made me so nervous I seemed just to say what I meant instead of filtering myself as I normally do.

He nodded to me, “Yes, he does.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks and hoped that the chilly air would mask the blushing. I pulled my hand from his as his hands floated mid-air for a moment. I don’t think he was used to anyone simply taking the upper hand with him. He lowered his hands as he scanned the city and then back to me.

“And you are?”

I parted my lips as a bit of water ran down my face and over my lip. He watched it as he reached up and touched his bottom lip with his thumb.  His gaze could make me wet, and not from the rain falling from above us. He may, in fact, be the wolf, and I can’t say that it so much as scared me as intrigued me. “Abigail—Abi for short.”

“Abigail.” He repeated. He quickly shed the idea of a nickname. “Is that it, Abigail? Or do you have a last name?”

I grinned at him. This had turned into something I wasn’t expecting at all. A game of sorts. I mean, if I tell him my full name then he will be able to track me down, right? But does it even matter? He has all of the money in the world so holding out would not be that big of a deal would it?

“Smith,” I said as I continued to grin at him. “Oh?” he replied to me as I nodded slowly. “Or maybe it’s Jones,” I added, feeling coy.

“Or—maybe it’s Watson.”

My eyes became wide as he nailed it. “How did you–?”

He stepped up to me and touched the tag on my laptop; a left over from my last trip home. I looked down and saw my name staring up at me.

“Well, I lost that one didn’t I?”

He lifted my chin with his fingers and made me look up at him. “There is no winning or losing, Abigale, there is only the game.”

I narrowed my eyes as thunder broke the silence, and I jumped uncontrollably. He stepped back as I looked at my watch and then shook my head.

“I’m late.”

He smiled. “So now you’re the rabbit.”

I tilted my head, “You love fairy tales, don’t you?”

He laughed as he scanned the people walking past us. His eyes returned to mine. “I love anything that gives me pause.”

“Mmm,” I said as I glanced at my watch again. “I have to go, it was nice meeting you, wolf or should I call you Jack?” he grinned. I guess my knowing his name impressed him to a certain degree.

I turned and started to walk away from him before I gave him any more time to toy with me. I had never had a man flirt like he had, but then again, he may have just been playing with me. I mean, come on. It’s not like I am some Hollywood starlet, someone he could easily get at any time and probably had on many occasions. I am just Abigail.

I stepped out to the curb and looked back at him. He stood next to his black limo and studied me. His gaze bothered me, not in a way that made me uncomfortable but one that entranced. I would assume he was a ladies’ man. I mean with wealth comes great power, even I knew that.

I stared down at my watch again and then stepped out into the street only to hear brakes locking up. I turned, frozen like a deer in headlights, as a large bus came barreling towards me. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt arms around me. I was thrown out of the way with a body landing on top of me.

My breath came out in quick bursts; white puffs of smoke rose from me as I tried to catch my breath and calm down. I couldn’t focus through the blurring rain that was now pouring down from above us, and a face finally came into view. It was Jack and my savior from a certain death.


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