The Word Master by Jason Luke (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

 Word Master

Title: The Word Master 

Author:  Jason Luke 

Published Date: February 3rd 2015

Genre:  Erotic Romance


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Imagine it – a sexy BDSM Master talking to thousands of radio listeners every night… giving women an erotic and sensual insight into the world of domination and submission.

Jericho James is the man – the man with the power and the voice to make women around the country swoon and submit. But his personal life is haunted by a dark tragedy from his past, and a mysterious listener to his program who wants more from Jericho than he can possibly give.

Because there’s one thing he just won’t do… One line he simply will not cross.

Erotic BDSM written by a man from a man’s POV. Jason Luke is an Amazon Top Ten bestselling erotica author.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
For the most part, I enjoyed this book. Jason Luke tells this story from the male character’s point of view. I loved that about this book. I knew what Jericho James was thinking and feeling, and as a female reader it was very intriguing. I think that this POV works great for the story because it’s about a male BDSM Master; third person or first person female would have taken away from the plot and the character of Jericho James.

So Jericho James. He’s an interesting character. He doesn’t change a lot throughout the story but you’re given a glimpse into how he’s become the Dom/Master/man that he is at the present time. I greatly appreciated that Mr. Luke gave Jericho so much depth that it felt like I was sitting in the radio booth with him. The attention to detail of not just the BDSM world, but the radio world (even if it was stretched a bit) added to the story. You’ll love Jericho and his radio world. Simply wonderful.

What didn’t I like? I didn’t like the main female character, Nancy. She was supposed to be submissive but to me she seemed like a switch (a person in the BDSM world who likes to be either a bottom (submissive) or a top (dominant). This confused me in several places throughout the book. I also felt that the relationship between her and Jericho was very forced and shouldn’t have been developed. I would have chosen a different character and just left Nancy out of that circle. There were scenes with characters that were very uncomfortable to read because again it felt forced and not natural. Those scenes could have been taken out and I don’t think it would have changed the plot or storyline.

All in all it was a good read. I’ve read other works by Jason Luke and he is very unique in his writing; I love that he uses male POV’s instead of third person. It gives a different view into BDSM through the eyes of the Dominant/Master. Try it and see what you like.


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