Daughter of Vanth by S.M. Gibson (Review by Gladys -#NerdGirlOfficial)

Daughter of Vanth

Title: Daughter of Vanth

Author: S.M. Gibson

Published Date: August 3rd 2014

Genre:   Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal Romance / Paranormal


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When Sophie Klein, a nine-year-old girl in rural Ohio, slaughters thirteen vampires with only the power of her mind, lethal vampire warrior Gabriel Stragon decides she must die. She is a descendant of Vanth, a demon with an ancient grudge against bloodsuckers. But Gabriel’s father, the vampire overlord, refuses to execute the girl, and instead, he orders Gabriel to bring Sophie back to their home in Virginia.
After twelve years with her adopted “family,” Sophie’s life changes forever when the Stragon Overlord decides she will wed Gabriel—the man who has sworn to kill her. Sophie’s not the only one furious at the announcement. Rival vampire clans have put a price on her head, their purpose to enslave or destroy the daughter of Vanth.
But Gabriel is ordered to protect Sophie from all enemies, and his growing desire for her wars with duty as he knows her death is the only way to protect his family. And Sophie must also fight her attraction to Gabriel, as well as harness the power of her birthright in her fight for survival. Yet in finding that power, she risks being consumed by the demon within, and Vanth’s sole purpose is to destroy immortals—all of them.


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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
Daughter Of Vanth is SM Gibson’s debut novel an let me tell you she did an awesome job making this book a perfect example of Dark Fantasy Gold!

Sophie is special!!  She is what legends are made from, well actually she is a legend among the vamps!!  When she was young she slaughtered a dozen or so vampires and was later taken in by well VAMPIRES!!  Sophie grows up with Stragon family who’s son is a lethal vampire warrior.  *Wags Eyebrows* SSSOOOOOO many things go on in this story but you won’t hesitate or put the book down.  It is fast past!  Well you will see when you read it.  A MUST ADD TO YOUR TBR!

The tension and romance that brews between Gabriel and Sophie are a great match with the witty and snarky attitude of multiple characters.  As with all Paranormal Fantasy, I always look for a strong foundation in the world the author built and I will have to say it was beautifully executed!

I applaud you and tip my Nerd Girl hat to you SM Gibson!!  Can we have more please?


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