Stunned (The Lucidites #2) by Sarah Noffke (Review by NerdGirlKelly)


Title: Stunned (The Lucidites #2) 

Author: Sarah Noffke 

Published Date: November 21st 2014

Genre:  YA Sci-Fi Fantasy


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Roya desperately wishes she was above ground, on a sunny patio, watching the lake lap up on the shore. Instead, she finds herself trapped with the Lucidites. Her brother is mysteriously wasting away, and at every turn she finds a new betrayal. Just when she thinks she’s finally escaping the Institute, a new danger unveils itself. A secret society of Dream Travelers has declared war on the Lucidites by abducting a head official. It’s up to Roya to figure out who’s behind it and how to save everyone she cares about most. More action packed than its predecessor, Stunned is captivating and will leave audiences squirming from the tension and also begging for more.


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***#NerdGirlKelly’s  Review***

An incredible journey! A page turner! We continue Roya’s journey while she is at The Institute. She wants to try and live a normal life, but at this point, can she? She is still caught in the middle of Aiden and George and trying to dissect her feelings for both. Her twin brother, Joseph, is the one who convinced her to stay with him but he has gotten into something that is making him sick. Roya is trying to open up and find a place to belong. She was approached by Shuman for the news reporting department. She finally starts to enjoy herself and then the twists start coming. I’m going to spoil some of this but be as vague as possible to not give it all away. There is a kidnapping and Roya is once again appointed to lead this mission. Her old team is reassembled but with new issues to overcome. There is a whole new meaning to Love Triangle and a new enemy that is revealed and scary as ever. After going through the craziness of their mission, trying to work out their feelings, and overcome tragic trust issues you think things are going to calm down…but, BAM! The author leaves us with a massive cliffhanger!

“Even when I don’t know the people, I still find their faults. Or invent them.”

“I am dread and fear incarnate right now. Every part of me is a result of not wanting my current reality to be real. And I’ve had just about enough of it.” … “If I don’t become someone new, then I will forever be haunted by inevitable failures. If I don’t isolate my emotions, then they’ll get me and everyone else killed.”

“Depends on one’s perspective whether my current state of affairs is considered hilarious. A stranger peering into my life would probably find it quite comical. I think it’s tragically humiliating, to say the very least.”

Sarah Noffke does an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. You will love the heavy moments but also smile with the witty and snarky comments of the characters you come to love. Love this story and can’t wait for the third installment. I need to know what happens next!

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