Star Splinter (Fractured Space Series Book 1) by J.G. Cressey (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

Star Splinter

Title: Star Splinter (Fractured Space Series Book 1)

Author: J.G. Cressey

Published Date: February 6th 2015

Genre: Sci fi


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Star Splinter Fractured Space Book One

Lieutenant Callum Harper hadn’t intended on punching his commanding officer quite so hard. But maybe it wasn’t such a bad turn of events. Court-martialed and dumped on a reject raft bound for Earth, Cal feels optimistic about a life where getting blown up, shot, or even eaten is altogether less of a concern. And, more importantly, a life where the only person he’s responsible for is himself.

Unfortunately, fate doesn’t favour the mundane. Crash-landing on a lethal planet, and with technology failing all around him, Cal must take his fellow passengers under his wing in order to survive and unravel the reasons behind their situation.

But the cause is far worse than any of them could have imagined, for theirs is a small part of a much larger crisis. Colonized space is under attack. Humanity is on the verge of chaos. And those who enjoy such anarchy are already beginning to thrive.

Yet Cal and his new companions will discover that mankind isn’t the true threat”�not by a long shot.

“This novel just blew me away. It was like a giant mash up of Star Trek , Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park.” ladyaliteraturejunkieextraordinaire

˃˃˃ About the book

Star Splinter is the first book in the Fractured Space series, a fast-paced space opera that throws an unlikely group of characters together and spirals them to the very edges of colonized space. The protagonists find themselves having to unravel the mystery behind their ominous circumstances whilst being pitted against genetically engineered creatures, aliens, con men and pirates. It’s a character driven tale that starts small and soon ramps up to an adventure of epic proportions. And this is only the beginning!

Star Splinter is a humorous, action-packed adventure with dark undertones, but at it’s heart it’s a story about survival and the true worth of friendship.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

Science Fiction at its best, with a great imagination shown both in the story and the enemies (yes it should be plural) faced by the hero Cal.  A fairly slow start, then I thought ‘amateurish’ changed to really enjoying the tale. Twists and turns galore will keep you wondering  how it will end as your cheer for poor Cal and his friends. The fight scenes are particularly well described; unusual in a debut novel. Well worth the five stars I gave it.

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