Unexpected Changes (Chances #2) by A.M. Willard (ARC Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

unexpected changes

Title: Unexpected Changes (Chances #2)

Author: A.M. Willard

Published Date: Expected Feb 7th 2015

Genre:  Romance


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It’s time for a change; just as with every season you have to dig deep within to find new color. When you think your world has turned black and grey, you search for a solution to bring light back. In this case for Tabitha, it’s Carter Northwood and him Tabitha.
The only problem is the tangled web of lies that have grown deep into Carter’s veins. He’s set out to find answers, but knows some lives will never be the same once revealed.
Who will get hurt in the process?
As Tabitha’s recovers from being shattered again, she’s forced to watch from the sidelines while others move along.
On a mission to make a new life for herself, she’s not only barricaded her heart, but world. Is it too late to reconcile a love that you thought was present?
Can two people look past the evil to find the good that’s standing right in front of them?
Is love really strong enough to heal the broken?
Is trust handed back to the one your soul screams for?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
Unexpected Changes by A.M. Willard is a follow-on to Unexpected Chances and cannot be read as a stand-alone novel.  This second book wraps up Tabitha’s and Carter’s story.

Unexpected Changes picks up pretty much at Unexpected Chances’ cliff hanger.  Carter’s secrets are impacting the possibility of a real relationship.  His farcical marriage to Bethany is driving him crazy.  The conspiracy that has overshadowed his life for ten years has become unbearable.  Tabitha is a light at the end of Carter’s tunnel.

The tumultuous budding relationship between Carter and Tabitha as well as the rising suspense of Carter’s bleak and controlled life is wrapped up quickly and conveniently early in Unexpected Changes.  Tabitha and Carter are free to pursue a relationship.  They just need to convince family and friends that they are soul mates who are final on the right track.

Unexpected Changes is a sweet love story that contains a few ripples that the lovers must overcome, but it ultimately provides a savory HEA that A.M. Willard fans will thoroughly enjoy.


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