Destiny Finds Her (Destiny #1) by Miranda Lynn (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

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Title: Destiny Finds Her (Destiny #1)

Author: Miranda Lynn

Published Date: November 1st 2014 

Genre:  Time Travel Romance


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Jami – Content with her life working for a publishing house, enjoying her caffeine addiction and her daily banter with best friend Todd. Jami wasn’t one to believe in Destiny. When her world turns upside down just days before her 25th birthday, her beliefs are challenged and time is ripped away. Dozing off in the sun one moment and sitting in a field of heather with a talking hamster the next will rattle any normal girl. But hearing a sexy deep voice and turning to find the Highlander it belongs to will rock anyone’s world!
Devlin- He always looked forward to the festival every year. He loved to see all the hustle and bustle around the keep, what he couldn’t handle was his mother hounding him about finding that “one” to settle down with as the middle brother he still had plenty of time. He escaped daily to do his rounds along the land’s perimeter, but one day he found something or should I say someone he wasn’t expecting. One look, one smell was all it took. He would find out who she was.
Jami- not one to believe in destiny tucked herself into the library for a quick respite from the annual Christmas party quickly turns into the journey of a lifetime. Gazing out the window at the full moon, the world goes hazy and time shifts. Gone are the glittering decorations and dazzling dresses, replaced with Highland warriors, fields of heather, and a tiny talking hamster?
Faced with the obstacle of overcoming her fears and embracing her powers, Jami’s destiny is hers to take. Or is it?


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***Katie –  #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
Jami is a simple girl, she loves to read and work at her publishing company, she loves to fuel her caffeine addiction, and she loves when her best friend Todd takes her shopping or brings by the best designer outfits for her to try on when her adoptive mother is just being a little too much for her. A few days before her 25th birthday she goes on a walk and comes across this brook she’s never seen before. After taking a nap for a few minutes she seems to find herself dreaming about being in 19th Century Scotland. After waking up she goes home not thinking anything of it. The next few days she seems drawn to go to the brook again, and falling asleep each time she dreams of being in 19th Century Scotland. Even though she thinks she’s dreaming, she actually is time travelling and has even been noticed a couple times by the rich and powerful man Devlin O’Rourke (who has been hounded by his mother to eventually settle down with “the one”) and a member of his patrolmen Christian. They can’t decide if seeing a woman in weird clothing appearing and then suddenly disappearing is real or not. On her 25th birthday she finds and opens a book from her parents and it shows pictures of the brook she visits and talks about an old life and where she and her family supposedly used to come from. It explains that her parents didn’t want to give her up but it was the only way to keep her safe and they also sent her by magic to the future.
Later on that night she falls asleep at a party her adoptive mother is throwing and wakes up again in 19th Century Scotland, only after everything she’s learned she knows this time, and all the times before that she is meant to be there. The longer she is there, the more friends she meets that help her with learning who she really is and the more her attraction to Devlin grows. If only he wasn’t so stubborn and actually admitted that he has a strong attraction to her too.
Overall this story was enjoyable. It did seem a little rushed at times and characters were mentioned but not really explained well and weren’t fleshed out as much as it seemed they should be but it is the first in a series so hopefully we can learn about some of these characters more.


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