The Redemption of Soul Dallas by Cara White (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: The Redemption of Soul Dallas 

Author: Cara White

Published Date: January 27th 2015

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


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  Eighteen and homeless, Soul Dallas has more to worry about than what he’ll be doing this New Year’s. In a town where compassion is rare and malice plenty, he’s left for dead by a gang seeking revenge for his father’s debts.

When anxiety-burdened Lana provides him with shelter, she’s swept into his world of pandemonium where fear means fight not flight. Leaving behind her imprisoned life with an over-bearing mother, she learns of Soul’s shocking past and what it truly means to be alive. But when the gang closes ranks and Soul falls ill, finding a bright future seems futile.

Together Soul and Lana must seek reason behind an ally’s betrayal, a dead woman’s return, and the ruthlessness behind some people’s need for vengeance.
But the pair don’t always see eye to eye, and each have plans that could jeopardise everything.

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***Katie –  #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
All Soul wants is to keep warm, maybe find something to eat soon, and try not to be spotted by the gang that is looking for him. He’s been homeless for a while and all because of his irresponsible father who made some bad gambling choices and then skipped out on him.
Lana just wanted to try to go out and have a nice time with her friend at a club but once she sees a group of guys beating up someone she knows she has to step in and help.
After taking Soul back to her house to help clean him up and to take care of him she lets him sleep. He is gracious for the hospitality but knows that he should be leaving soon. After Lana’s mom see’s Soul leaving she thinks the worst and kicks him and Lana out for sneaking around. Soul feels awful about it and knows that he should leave her even sooner so she can go back home and not be caught up in the terrible life of living on the streets. But Lana doesn’t seem to mind getting out and away from her crazed “everything’s about her” mother. She also feels a strong connection to Soul and knows that she can’t just leave him without helping him as much as she can. But when secrets start surfacing about Soul’s past will she be strong enough to stay or want to leave as go back home as fast as she can?
Overall I really enjoyed this story. Soul had gone through so much by circumstances beyond his control and no matter what he did he could never seem to catch a break. The ending was also completely shocking, in a totally didn’t see coming kind of good/sad way.


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