Organ Reapers by Shay West (Review by Misty – #NerdGirlShadow)

Organ Reapers

Title: Organ Reapers

Author: Shay West

Published Date: October 31st 2014

Genre: Sci Fi


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Detective Elliott “Eli” Robinson and his new partner, Ava Aguilar, are baffled by a series of brutal murders happening in their fair city.

No evidence, no eyewitnesses…only mutilated corpses with missing internal organs.

When Eli and Ava stumble upon evidence of similar gruesome crimes around the globe, they realize there is more to the murders, but the answers continue to elude them. In a race against time, Eli and Ava must figure out who is behind the killings and stop them before more people die.

But the answers will take them out of their comfort zone and into the realm of the fantastic: another world with a different set of rules, and a leader who has no qualms about killing.


***Contains Some Violence – Not for young readers***
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***Misty – #NerdGirlShadow’s  Review***

 This was my very first fantasy/crime drama/sci-fi extravaganza as far as books go. It was actually one of the reasons I wanted to read this book. (I usually stick to my favorite genres for the most part.) But, this really caught my eye. Fantastic cover and the synopsis pulls you in and makes you want to know what the heck is going on. What is this other world? Is it another planet? Another realm? Another plane of existence? So yes, the package definitely pigued my interest.
With a long list of murders to investigate, Eli and Ava set out to find a killer who is removing internal organs and leaving bodies practically butchered. Methodical crime drama stuff ensues, then BAM! The DNA is not from Earth! Fantastic! Loved it.
Organ Reapers was a fun read. It’s the collision of two worlds and their boundaries concerning ethics and humanity.  It wasn’t a “sleep with one eye open” thriller, but it wasn’t mundane by any means. I did feel like I saw a few things coming, but so much more that I didn’t. West did a great job at building the story and describing all the scenes to make you feel like you were there and West certainly doesn’t fall short in the creativity department. West also brought some interesting questions to light in terms of the meaning of life and how far you would go to save one person’s life over another’s.
In my opinion the book was entertaining, well written, pretty suspenseful and actually funny. (I know “funny” isn’t usually a way to describe a book like this, but I liked her descriptions of younger characters, Tani and Keena, adapting to a modern world.) Also, West moved seamlessly between the two worlds, so I never got whiplash between scenes or wondered where we had gone next.
Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely. I would recommend it to others and look forward to seeing more from West.

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