The Arrangement [Box Set] (Arrangement #1-5) by Abby Weeks (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: The Arrangement [Box Set] (Arrangement #1-5)

Author: Abby Weeks

Published Date: November 13th 2013

Genre: Erotica


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This stunning romantic series is available for the first time as a five-book box set.

What if they tried to make you their slave?
What if they tried to make you their plaything?
What if they tried to make you their mistress?

These are the questions that April Masterson must deal with as she navigates her way through the intriguing world of The Arrangement. April is a girl who thinks she has everything: a nice home, beautiful daughters, a caring husband. When her husband makes partner at the prestigious firm he works for, things only look brighter. The firm provides them with an elegant new home, new cars, even servants. What could be better?

But all is not as it seems. Pretty quickly, April finds herself in situations she never could have imagined. Not only is she expected to play the role of the beautiful lawyer’s wife, but she has to entertain the wildest fantasies of all four of the firm’s senior partners. The stakes are high and she has no idea if she can do what these wealthy, powerful men expect of her.

In this world everything comes at a price. While the firm may have decorated her house, given her a pool, a chauffeur and a maid, there are expectations of payment. April is expected to pay in the only way these men feel a beautiful, young wife can pay.

She finds that she is fighting to protect her dignity and sense of self-worth as the partners begin to humiliate her and use her in ways she never could have imagined.

Will she be able to protect her identity from this onslaught? Will she be able to find her inner-strength and give her two daughters the childhood she never had?

And most importantly of all, will she be able to find true love in a world where love is treated like a toy, and women are seen as little more than expensive playthings?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***

Sexual Content – Scorching

This review is a 3 star – I LIKED IT , it was as the synopsis of the book stated, lets the reader know what it is about, So I knew from the start that this was an erotic tale of Domination and Control, and I did want to keep reading just to see where the Author was going, my dislike’s wer with the writing style – NOT THE STORY – BUT THE LAYOUT, it actually took the enjoyment of reading away because I had to concentrate on READING so I was not getting into the characters as much as I would have.

for some strange reason the book uses a – convention for quotations as follows:

-I picked it out, you know, Kit said, and winked.

rather than the more conventional form:

“I picked it out, you know,” Kit said, and winked.

Okay you may say BUT the problem with that is that it can sometimes become unclear, making the reader have to stop and think about what the author is trying to convey – I had a hard time with it and it made me annoyed that my reading enjoyment had been turned into a Lesson.

Why differ from every other book that I have ever read that contains ” “, it’s a system that works and I also like the system of using ITALICS for Thoughts too – It makes it Clear and Simple.

JUST one other point I want to make regarding this strange layout style, is that I actually had another book Ms Weeks has sent to my Book Blog for review so after finishing this series I quickly opened it up to see how that was formatted and YAY it was laid out in the usual way, using ” “. I can quite honestly say that I got straight into that book and I am 40% threw already and enjoying it.

Right back to this book…

I would also like to point out that this is a NOVELLA series that has been sold as a complete set, which is a popular format for authors of Novellas to do at the end of a series – It lets the reader decide whether to have them as singular sets or one neat package)

At time of writing this review Book 1 is free (so you can try before you buy and if you do like and want to carry on you can buy this full set)

Ms Weeks write Erotica, the subjects are controversial issues that makes one think and I like to read books that make me think.

The Arrangement is about April Masterson and how her life suddenly changes when her attorney-husband, Walter is made up to a full partner in his law firm.

The era of this book is not mentioned but ‘her car was a Studebaker and the way she made sure that she was dressed appropriately and made up for his return, that the children were seen and not heard, reminded me of those excerpts from housewife Manuals from the 40-50’s that said suggest it is set in the late fifties or early sixties.

In a blink of an eye April’s old house is packed up and all her belongings disappear, her car is taken away (she loved that car!) she is moved into a mansion in the specially designed Firms Exclusive gated property, she is sent on an enormous extravagant shopping spree with the firms Interior Designer ( Think zebra skins and chandeliers, completely over the top ), Servants and a Car Service – her independence is quickly stripped from her without much objection from April, which again gave me the impression that the book is dealing with an era where women were not free independent entities, and were expected to be ‘dutiful wives’.

Finally on the night of the welcome to the Firm dinner party for the new partner and his wife, Her husband brings in a dress box, for her to wear to the dinner, its shockingly sensual and short, something April would have considered Lingerie. But her husband demands she wear it, Once at the dinner when the meal is over, April is taken off by the 4 partners to another wing of the Mansion where she finally finds out what her role is in ensuring her husband stays partner and she and her children are taken care of.

The partners wives are considered corporate property, and are shared sexually amongst the partners, and more importantly used as a leverage or sweetener in gaining corporate deals.

Obviously they start off quite charming and after Walters almost boring love making, the encounter April had that night wasn’t all that objectful.

Naughty, you know, but nice as they say

Walter ensures that April should go along with the “Arrangement” April is swept up in the heady arousal of being the object of desire for all of the Partners.

The next day the wives take her shopping, where they make her feel welcome to start with, when she accidentally upsets the Matriarch ‘KIT’ Wife of the Head Partner she is soon taught where her position lies in the dynamic – firmly at the bottom of the pecking order!

In the next 3 books there is a lot of sex, orgies as well abuse, both physical and emotional.

April is slowly and surely browbeaten into thinking that this is OK ‘If only to please her Husband, and put her kids in a good school’!!

That’s as much of the plot as I will give you as I don’t do spoiler reviews.

Out of all the characters – Walter was my most hated, what a spineless jerk, he did this to his wife for a promotion and power at the expense of his wife and children and had the cheek to then get abusive and jealous with April!

Kit was no better – Obviously years of subjecting others beneath her had corrupted her into thinking it was her right to treat anyone as a sex object, steal their life and independence (and children! oh boy that was so hard to grasp happening in this day and age, another indicator of the era maybe being in the past)

By Book 5 April knows she is definitely over her head, she is technically a slave abate a slave wearing designer shackles and a satin covered cage!

But when she is sent to “Sweeten a deal” with some Very Influential Clients, Walter finally looses his shit, nearly brings the whole deal off the table and April has to do what ever she can to get the clients back to wanting the deal.

Go April – Giving it up for the team :P

But it drives Walter further into his rage and the outcome causes the storyline to quickly do a 180 and April is suddenly running for her life, desperate to find her missing children.

This book series doesn’t end on a cliff hanger, it ends if a bit too quickly for my liking. I would have preferred an Epilogue.

For Walter and Kit to get their “Just Deserts” Boy I wanted those to to get some of what they deserved!

Did April get her HEA, safe with her two girls?

What happened to the Other Partners… etc.

I am not going to say anything more about the ending but YOU will understand what I mean, if you read the series yourself, the book finishes, but after all that tension I would have liked a few paragraphs of peace and happiness for the ‘Good Guys”.

So in conclusion – would I recommend this book set to others – YES IF you like Erotica and Slave scenarios and are not put off by the formatting.

Would I read one of Ms Weeks books again – well YES I am currently reading it.

My advice would be to try the Free Book 1 first before purchasing if you are still in doubt.

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