Mysterious Albion (Vatican Vampire Hunters # 1) by Paul Leone (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Mysterious Albion (Vatican Vampire Hunters # 1)

Author: Paul Leone

Published Date: March 8th 2013

Genre:   Paranormal Fiction


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Lucy Manning just wanted an ordinary life. But surviving a vicious vampire attack has put the young American in the middle of a holy war between a secret society of vampire hunters loyal to the Catholic Church—and an ancient and powerful vampire queen who has awakened from a long slumber with dreams of blood and conquest in her demonic mind.

Lucy may not want to do battle with a ruthless, eternal evil, but evil has other ideas..


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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
Excellent!  Paul Leone’s first in series novel about Vampire Hunting Catholics has knocked me over!!  As a devout Catholic and a fan of urban fantasy and paranormal fiction this book has taken me by surprise.  Excellent!!!  Excellent!!  Excellent!!

I have read and reviewed Leone’s The Red Thirst and this book has a different feel to it BUT is VERY written well.  He is an honest and true paranormal fiction writer.  His vampiric lore and Catholic research is on point and he has woven a tale that captures his readers.

In Mysterious Albion Lucy, an American trains to and becomes a vampire hunter after her and her friend was attacked.  She is a strong female character with many dimensions to her.  The world Paul has built in his novel was consistent and well plotted!!

I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 of the Vatican Vampires and will sink my teeth into book 2 right away!!  I tip my Nerd Girl Hat to you Paul!!  Please Please give your readers MORE!!  #VampireSalute


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