Waiting Hearts by Beth Ann Stifflemire (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

 Waiting Hearts

Title: Waiting Hearts

Author: Beth Ann Stifflemire

Published Date: July 4th 2014

Genre:  Contemporary Romance / YA Romance


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Living with a rare heart condition, Kayla Parker a twenty-six year old elementary school teacher chooses to keep things simple, never yearning for love or the drama that inevitably comes with it, especially after experiencing the pain of losing her father to a similar condition. Kayla plays it safe, avoiding the nightlife and dating scene that surrounds her in the budding music city of Austin, Texas. That is until the charismatic easy on the eyes musician Gabe Parker falls into her life at a local coffee house and all of her rules on love fly out the window. Gabe opens her eyes and heart to a love Kayla never imagined when he accepts all of her, even her condition, but when the music world Gabe’s a part of comes knocking with big opportunities she second guesses herself and her love. Life changing decisions are made that result in a combination of tragic and bittersweet aftershocks. Can their love surpass circumstance? Can her heart endure?


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s # Review***
 Author Beth Ann Stifflemire is a new to me author, and I am so glad that I have found her!!  She writes an amazing story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats from start to finish! I was instantly able to relate to Kayla – as I would rather be at home hanging out with my dog than at the night clubs, I felt like the characters that were in this story were relatable, real and fun to read about.  The author did a great job with the story, the flow and the characters – everything about the book was smooth flowing and informative while at the same time enjoyable to read.  I couldn’t and didn’t want to put this book down once I started reading and I had to find out more about Kayla, Gabe and the band.

The author writes a story about real life issues that affect both the main character and her friends and family.  She makes the reader feel like they are a part of Kayla’s inner circle and the things that happen throughout the story make the reader feel like they are right there with her.  This story will have you laughing, crying, screaming in frustration and at times she makes the reader want to throw their hands up in despair.  The author also has several twists, turns and unpredictability throughout the story that leaves the reader guessing right up to the very end of the story – I am hoping for a sequel to this book, but will settle for just another book by this author!  She has written an amazing debut novel and I am looking forward to many more books by her!

Make sure you check out this amazing author – you don’t want to miss out on this up and coming best seller!  Add Waiting Hearts to your TBR list and set aside plenty of time to read as you won’t want to stop once you start reading!


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