A Beastly Scandal by Shereen Vedam (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier


Title: A Beastly Scandal

Author: Shereen Vedam

Published Date: March 22nd 2013

Genre:  Historical Romance


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Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Lady Annabelle Marchant was a belle of the ball in London until she used her psychical senses to save a man’s life. She failed miserably, leaving him dead and her disgraced. All she wants now is a chance to comfort his widow by cleansing the woman’s home of her husband’s restless spirit. But the widow’s son, the beastly Lord of the Manor, accuses her of coming to the wilds of Cheshire to snag him as a husband. Thoroughly disgusted, she is bent on proving him wrong.

Rufus Marlesbury, the Earl of Terrance, is suspected of murdering his father. He has come home to clear his name by finding the real killer before the new year or Rufus will be called in front of the House of Lords to answer for the crime. He does not have time to waste fending off a marriage-minded miss who has inveigled an invitation to his home by playing on his grief-stricken mother’s worst fears.

With an unruly manor ghost terrorizing the occupants and corpses piling up in the village, Belle must find a way to see the man beneath the beast and Rufus must learn to believe in the love of a woman who has no reason to trust him. Only by working together can they stop a vengeful ghost before it torments the guests or before the killer strikes again.

(New Regency Romance/Fairytale)

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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

: I absolutely loved this book! It had mystery, intrigue, murder, romance and a ghost. The book description captured me before I started the book. I’m so glad I read it!

The plot was very well done and it tied the romance and mystery elements together nicely. Rufus is trying so desperately to clear is name of murdering his father and at the same time trying to fight his feelings for Belle, but to no avail. He’s perceived as heartless and cold, but in reality he’s juggling more than everyone realizes and desperately wants to be accepted by his family. I found Rufus’s reactions to Belle’s suggestion of dining with his tenants hysterical. I could see the expression on his face saying “Are you out of your mind?” with his eyes wide and mouth dropped open. It’s priceless! I think you’ll enjoy the dinner scene very much. I couldn’t help but laugh through that at times. While Rufus is trying to deny his feelings for Belle, he’s also trying to figure out how to clear his name and prevent himself from being hanged for murdering his father. Rufus goes to town to find answers but because of his nickname, Lord Terror, the townspeople are frightened to talk to him. I felt on the one hand sorry for him because I don’t think he means to be that way, but on the other hand it was quite comical to see him try. What is most notable about Rufus is that he grows as a character. He learns to accept his family as well as Belle and her gift. He also learns that he doesn’t have to be like his father or the way his father wanted him to be; he can be his own person and still be in a position of authority. I liked the way he changed.

Lady Belle is adorable. She met Rufus and his family before the murder of his father, but she was disgraced and drew away from society. Naturally, Rufus thinks poorly of her but she’s determined to help his mother at her request and as a favor to her grandfather. Belle has a giving and loving heart. She shows kindness to everyone, even if they show her none. Belle also has a special gift: she can talk and see spirits, or ghosts if you will. A ghost is why she travels to Cheshire to help Rufus’ mother. Like Rufus, she is trying desperately to hide her feelings for Rufus since he seems to think she’s there to snare him or his cousin for a husband. While Belle doesn’t grow, she also doesn’t fall flat. She’s constant and I love that the author let her be. I don’t think I would’ve changed her at all.

You’ll get more than just one murder mystery in this book; there are multiple. Don’t worry though because it’s not graphic or gruesome. There is blooming romance between Rufus and Belle that’s tastefully done; I particularly enjoyed the scene where Rufus is struck with the idea that he loves her. Priceless! I can assure you that this book is very well written and enjoyable. You won’t want to put it down. I hope you’ll try this book and give the author a chance to show you that historical romances don’t mean boring.

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